Route 2 and Moose Hillock Campground near the White Mountains

After much research about driving Route 2, we decided it was the way we want to go. We were driving from the coast of Maine to the White Mountains in New Hampshire. You might ask “Why Research?”. With our 5th wheel, we have to be careful what roads we drive on. We are 13.6 feet high. Add our big boy truck tow vehicle, we are 60 feet long. We have to make sure there are not any hairpin curves to maneuver or low underpasses that would rip our roof off or damage our air conditioners.

Interstates can be very boring. Most speed limits are 70 mph and at times traffic is heavy. There is usually nothing to look at except for the road ahead of you.

Route 2 was an awesome drive at a slower pace. Even though the speed limits were much slower, we actually cut an hour off of from the interstate route our GPS wanted to take us. Route 2 was very scenic.

Taking pictures from the inside of the truck is at times challenging. Trying to click the picture without capturing parts of the truck while driving 40 to 55 mph down the road can be a slight problem for me. The picture below would have been much prettier if the mirror of the truck didn’t show up in the picture. Note, I could have cropped the edges of this picture but the internet is so bad here that after several attempts to crop without success it is what it is.

The New England states have many large majestic churches. Most all painted white with tall steeples.

Route 2 winds through many small towns. This creates a challenge when you are 60 feet long but Hubby did fantastic. Hubby did a good job turning corners through some of these small towns. There were several confusing signs going through the towns and we had to be careful not to miss our route. Missing the road would involve re-routing or trying to turn around.

I can’t believe we have not seen a real live Moose while in the New England states. We see many statues and signs using a moose to advertise their business.

This stars and stripes train car was sitting on the tracks at the intersection of Route 112, the Kancamagus highway. This train is the Cafe Lafayette. Although I would love to dine at the Depot at Cafe Lafayette, we can not leave the pups for that long and it would not be a restaurant where I can get just a potato and green vegetable. I also believe it is closed for the season, probably due to COVID.

This would be unique dining for sure. I googled the restaurant and the foods pictured looked so delicious.

Maybe next time we are in this area, we will take advantage of this attraction.

Mountains, water and trees. Beautiful scenery along Route 2.

We are getting close to our campground. We’ve been in the truck for a little over 5 hours already. Our campground is 15 minutes away from this intersection. We’ve been to New Hampshire several time and have rode the Kancamagus Highway on our motorcycle several times. I can’t wait to ride it again on this trip.

We are staying at “Moose” Hillock Campground.

I picked another awesome campground. It is very pricy to stay here but boy is it nice. Every campground should be like this. We have a large level site surrounded by trees. I’m told by the reservation desk there are bears in this area. Absolutely NO cell service on Verizon or T-mobile. Iffy WIFI on AT&T. It’s slow but Hubby for some reason can stream his Netflix. I also have a Verizon Jet-pack. No signal at all on Verizon. I have a booster but not setting it up since we are only here for a week.

After registering, we were off to find out site. Somehow, we first missed our site. It was a dumb mistake by both of hubby and I. We get to a dead end and thankfully, there were two large RV sites that allowed us to turn this beast of a 5th wheel around and go back to the starting point. Hubby did a great job of pulling into one RV site and backing into another RV site so we can turn it around. I was running from side to side directing hubby. Too bad there aren’t pictures or video of me running around making sure hubby was not hitting anything.

We finally find our spot and now I have to get out again and direct hubby up our long driveway lined with huge trees. This campground has only back-in sites. No pull-thru sites here. But after in our site and unhitched, we are amazed at how nice it is. Our neighbors gave us the thumbs up because Hubby did such a great job backing our big rig into our spot. They also saw us miss our site on the first go round.

It is cooler here so we open the doors and windows and enjoy the fresh air. We’ve been running the air conditioning day and night for the past several months so you can only imagine how nice it is to air out the inside of the coach.

I grab my camera and go outside to take some picture as BooBoo watches me from the screen door.

Due to us being surrounded by trees, Benji the barker has nothing to bark at. He can’t see kids, other dogs, golf carts, motorcycles or people, yet he still bark at nothing. He is just a barker.

Enjoy this short video of our site.

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind


One thought on “Route 2 and Moose Hillock Campground near the White Mountains

  1. I enjoyed your post. Wow! The cost of that campground. Beautiful though….and the pics and Boo…too cute. I hope to make it to New England next Fall. Thank you for sharing. God bless you too! Stay safe!


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