Getting Ready for Another Travel Day. And What The Heck Benji?

As much as I enjoy going to new places and seeing new sights, I have to admit it is a little disheartening putting the scooters in the garage and getting ready to head out after a month’s stay in one location.  We don’t leave until Wednesday morning but decided to start packing up today.  We think it might rain tomorrow and there isn’t anything worse than doing all of this in the rain.  I think what is so depressing is I am losing my garage living area.  I have to remove all of my STUFF.  My chair, my computer table, my computers.  We secure our garage TV so we can’t watch it.

Another chair to take down and a few more items need to be stowed away.  Benji is in a time out which I will explain later.


I clear out the garage and now it is time to bring in the scooters.  We turn the key on and walk them up using the battery power.


As we are loading up the scooters, the pups have to stay in the living room of the 5th wheel and they make it known they are not happy about it.  They want to be out in the garage helping us.


Both scooters are in the garage and this job is done.  Now instead of BooBoo and me watching TV in our cozy garage area, the scooters are tied down securely.


Let me tell you about Benji. He is the sweetest pup ever.  He has a personality that just makes you love him.  He is perfect in every way except he has this tick in his head like a clock ticking and ready to go off.  He barks at everything.  Cars, golf carts, people, dogs, noises, everything you can think of.  He is so intense in his barking that he does not even hear us or know we are in the same room.  I can’t explain it.  The barking takes over his whole mind and nothing stops him.  Today, he was barking out the window and I attempted to move him away from the window and he snapped at me and bit me.  Nipped the tip of my little finger on my right hand.  What the heck.

Not only am I sad about losing my sitting area, but I am also sad that Benji has this tick in his head. Benji is jealous of BooBoo and this tick in Benji’s head makes him at times aggressive with BooBoo.  I love that little guy so I have to figure it out.

If you read a previous post you would know that BooBoo won’t sleep in bed with me anymore. I think it is because of Benji’s aggressiveness.

I’m going to try a timeout fix.  He is tethered and he can come into the living room with us but he is sitting in the garage just so he can tug at my heartstrings. I have him tethered so he can’t be on the couch and look out the window.

I end each of my posts saying be kind to every kind.  My pups are “my kind” and I meet their every need even though it means me sleeping on the couch with them.  Boy am I glad I never had children.  If I am this way with my animals, how would I be with children I would have given birth to?


Since today was a busy stressful day, we went to our favorite sub shop and I got the hubby his supper.  I am doing the Mary’s Mini diet and intermittent eating so I just worry about hubby’s suppers.  I’m not going to explain this diet here but you can look it up.  A year ago, my doctor told me to lose weight.  I have hip problems and losing weight will help out immensely.  So since it’s been a year, I figured I should start to take it seriously.   The Giant Sub shop makes awesome subs.  I love their veggie subs.  But not tonight.  Hubby would get a sub tonight.

Speaking of putting things off, I had so many things I wanted to do when we started our travel adventures.  The most important thing I wanted to do was have a YouTube channel.  I have hours and hours of video and pictures.  I have 2 different video editing programs on two different computers.  Hopefully, I can get myself in gear and start to put out some videos.  I have everything I need, except for the desire to get it done.

All things are not roses every day and some days are not glamorous happy days, but I love what we are doing.  I love my husband and my pups.  I love and miss my family back home but I love this life of freedom and travel.  I will have an announcement soon so stay tuned.

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind.




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