Another Day at Acadia.

Right before going into Acadia National Park, we passed a cove on Route 3.  It’s called Hulls Cove.


Each time we pass Hulls Cove, we see people taking advantage of the sandy beach at the cove.  It’s a very hot summer here in Maine, even by the water.

c hulls cove 2

Hulls Cove, which is actually part of the Mount Desert Island town of Bar Harbor, Maine, is a very pleasant cove providing an easterly view of the ocean along Route 3. You cannot miss it. Once you reach Mount Desert Island, start driving East on Route 3 toward the business district of Bar Harbor for about 3 miles. The road will then take a turn to the right and start down a small hill. Shortly after this, the landscape on the left opens up to reveal a wide clear view of the ocean. This is the Bar Harbor Village of Hulls Cove. There are several places to stay and a fine restaurant right next to the water on the left at the end of the cove.


One of the first areas where we could pull over and take pictures, two large ships were in the water.  Can you imagine being so rich you can own a luxury yacht?  Maybe these are tour yachts or some small cruise ships, but I think they are privately owned by some rich people.

Right before we get to loop road, we drive through the entry shacks where either you pay to get in or you have a pass.  Each time we go through this entry station, of course, we pick the wrong lane and hubby gets frustrated.  Not because it is taking too long, but because he picked the wrong lane again.  I can see hubby’s mind working as his eyes are darting around.  I can tell Hubby is thinking of backing up and going to another lane.  I tell him that we are not in a hurry.  Just stay where we are.  The same thing happens when we grocery shop.  He picks the wrong lane.  But in the grocery store, he tells me to stay with the shopping cart and he goes off to see if another register lane is shorter.  OMG, just stay where we are.

c entry area

There is so much beauty on the loop road.  The loop road is one lane with a beautiful view of the water.  There are many places where you can pull off to get pictures.

c water

I just think the green pine trees look so beautiful against the background of the blue water.  The trees in Acadia are a vivid green.  The water is very blue.

c trees water

I have to get right to the edge to get his picture, but not close enough to the edge to slip and fall down the cliff into the water.

c water rocks

On the way out of Acadia, we go under a bridge.  I tell Hubby to stay in the center of the bridge.  We have a huge dually truck.  Hubby laughs at me and tells me we are fine.

c bridge

Another beautiful, sunny day in Maine.

God Bless, Stay Safe and Be Kind to Every Kind.

One thought on “Another Day at Acadia.

  1. Wanda

    Loved the picture of the green trees and blue water. So pretty. I love reading your blog. We’ve talked about doing some extensive traveling, but my hubby’s driving makes me crazy. I don’t think I could take it. Lol.

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