Road Trip to Bangor. Stephen King’s House and Paul Bunyan.

Years before the internet and traveling by RV, the hubby and I used to travel by motorcycle.  Back then, the only way we could find tourist attractions were to either go to AAA for their thick bulky tour books, or we would stop at visitor centers when entering a state and pick up all of the state’s pamphlets and brochures of attractions we might be interested in seeing.  Because we did not know what we would be interested in seeing we could come out with a good 50 or more pamphlets and brochures.  We would get to our hotel and lay everything out on the bed and try to plan what we wanted to see.  We would need to look at our atlas to see if one attraction was near another.  It was fun back then.  Today, I don’t think I would have the patience to do that.

This morning hubby asked what I wanted to do today.  I opened my computer and googled “attractions near me”.  Due to the internet obtaining cookies, the internet knew exactly where I was.  Since we’ve pretty much exhausted all of the tourist attractions near me, I thought I would then google:  “attractions near Bangor”.  Two attractions popped up and I thought it would be fun to see these attractions.

The first one was horror novelist Stephen King’s House.  Well, that would be interesting.  I’ve read his books and watched the movie, Carrie.  My favorite author is Dean Koontz but he lives in California and I’m in Maine.  So it’s off to Bangor we go.

I didn’t even need my GPS to know the house pictured below was the one I was looking for.  This house looks like a blood-red mansion with an iron fence surrounding the acreages.  On both sides of the Iron gate, you could see winged creatures.  Scary.  This is so Stephen King.

a 4 house_HDR

The King residence at 47 West Broadway is now a tourist destination.  While I was there, many fans would pull up, and snap pictures in front of the house.  As I watched the cars pull up one after another, I had to wonder what the neighbors over the years thought of this activity.

a 1 house_HDR

I did some research on the wooden statue and I guess the work on the carving, which took a little over a month to complete, was done with a chainsaw by Josh Landry.   I was amazed to read that the carvings were images of the state’s natural wildlife.  I guess the gothic image ideas came from his books.  So there you have it.

a statue_HDR

The frog was the first thing I came to when walking down the sidewalk.  I seriously don’t know what is up with the frog.  I read it was a gift.

Supposedly Stephen King and wife Tabitha now spend winters in Florida and the remainder of the year at their Bangor and Center Lovell homes.

The next attraction we drove to see was.  Wait for it!

Paul Bunyan

b 1 pb_HDR

I could not believe this statue was right off the road in a very small park.  The statue is a 31-foot-high Paul Bunyan and stands in Bass Park in Bangor, Maine. From what I read, Bangor is supposed to be his birthplace,  I also read there is a statue of Paul Bunyan and his Blue Ox Babe in Minnesota.  Who knows, maybe someday I will see that statue too.

There was no place to park on the road so hubby drove up around the block and I walked down to the statue and was able to snap a few pictures.

b pb_HDR

It was a nice few hours out.  On the way back to the campground, we stopped at a farm market called Simons.  Hubby went in while I waited in the truck with the pups.  We had time to get a selfie.  My nieces have an online boutique called Rae Lux.  The top in the first picture is one of my purchases from Rae Lux.  Check out their store at  The second picture is BooBoo and me.  Benji and Bela were in the backseat.

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God Bless, Stay Safe and Be Kind to Every Kind.




One thought on “Road Trip to Bangor. Stephen King’s House and Paul Bunyan.

  1. eforreal2279

    Interesting tourist attractions. Something caught my attention when you said you “googled tourist attractions near you.” This is one of the reasons that we are creating a travel directory for the easy location of tourist attractions around us. Thanks for sharing


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