That Darn Spider, Masked Man, and a Statue.

Every day, I remove a spider web from my security camera, and every night, the spider builds it again,  I’m not sure who is more determined, me or the spider.  Before I went to bed last night, my security camera sounded.  Yes, it was the spider working hard to rebuild his web.  Maybe he thinks he works for me.  He does a very good job at web building,  If he is going to stick around, I should name him.  Joe Spider.


Who is that masked man?  Back in the day if a man looking like hubby walked into a store or bank with a hat, sunglasses, and a mask, the store owners would be pulling out their gun or the banker would be pushing a police button under the counter.  Now it is “the new normal”.  At least he is patriotic.  Hubby is growing a beard.  He said he probably won’t grow it for long.   We will see.


Yesterday as we were driving around, I saw this statue.  Knowing statues are in danger of being torn down and me not even knowing what this statue was for,  I hurriedly opened the truck window, grabbed my phone, opened the phone camera app, and snapped a picture.  Who knows, the next time I get to Maine, the statue might not be standing.


I think the picture came out rather good considering I had to take the picture from the moving vehicle.

Ellsworth, Maine “In Honor of the Men of Ellsworth Who Served and to the Memory of those who fell on land and sea In the War for the Union Their Grateful Townsmen Have Raised This Memorial 1861” Dedicated July 4, 1887.

God Bless, Stay Safe and Be Kind to Every Kind.


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