Road Trip – Bass Harbor Head Light

We decided to take a ride so I got out the map for Acadia and since I like Lighthouses, I thought the Bass Harbor Head Light would be a nice day trip.  We packed up the pups and headed out.

After finding a parking spot in a very crowded, very small parking lot, I took a stroll down the path with the one objective, to get a good picture of this lighthouse.

On the way down the path, I took a few minutes to read the information board.

Bass Harbor Head Light is a lighthouse located within Acadia National Park in the southwest portion of Mount Desert Island, Maine, marking the entrance to Bass Harbor and Blue Hill Bay.


This lighthouse would have been a much better picture if taken from a boat in the water.  Not one of the most photogenic lighthouses I’ve seen but it is a landmark and it is a lighthouse.   So here it is:


A fog bell and tower were added in 1876. The lighthouse, situated on Acadia National Parkland, stands 56 feet above mean high water and is accessible by car off of State Route 102A. The keeper’s house is currently being used for Coast Guard housing.

lighthouse bell

Screenshot (6)

I tease hubby that he is “driving miss Linda” and he and the pups patiently wait for me while I grab some pictures.  This is our 4th time to Acadia and Bar Harbor and we’ve seen it all before so when I tell hubby I will sit with the pups and he can go see the sights he informs me that he has seen it before, at least 3 times.

None the less, we are enjoying our day trips and riding around.  We have a lot of memories of past visits to Maine.  We are making new memories now.

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind!



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