Anxiety, but still had a nice time out!

It was time.  It was time to have alone time with my husband.  It was time to leave the pups alone in the 5th wheel.  We decided to go to dinner and leave the pups at home.  The restaurant is only 5 minutes away so we would not be gone long. Two hours at the most.

I had anxiety.  I was torn between wanting to go out and the anxiety of going out during COVID.   Leaving the pups alone in the 5th wheel and leaving the campground made me a little anxious.  A big major reason for anxiety.was we were going to dinner during COVID.  We were actually going to a  sit-down restaurant where we walked into a restaurant and got a table.  No delivery.  No take-out.  We have not been to a restaurant since last November.

We wanted to beat the crowd.  If there even would be a crowd.   We went for an early Lupper.  (lunch/supper)  We went to Helen’s Restaurant.  This restaurant is close to Home Depot.  The other day, we went to Home Depot and passed this restaurant.  I saw the restaurant is open and the hours are from 11 am to 7 pm.  I decided right then I wanted to eat there.  This would be our first restaurant in over seven months.


This was a nice restaurant and the food was good.  Social distancing and masks were required.  Big red X’s were on tables between the tables we are able to sit at.  This is the new normal.  Our waitress wore a face mask.  Our salt and pepper came in fast food restaurant packets.  Ketchup came in disposable little containers.


We were out in public, just hubby and I.


In case of a puppy emergency in the 5th-wheel while we were gone, I put labels on the outside of each of our doors with our names and telephone number.   We have cameras.  I feel better knowing I can see the pups at all times.  Indoor cameras for viewing the pup’s activity and outside security cameras.  BooBoo and Benji are on the bed and Bella is on the couch.

We finished our meal, paid the bill and we were ready to head back.  One more stop before we go back to the RV.  We are going to stop at a liquidation store.  We’ve only been gone for an hour and a half.  I checked the cameras again and the pups were barking at the garage door.  What got them all upset.  What could they be barking at?  They were fine a few minutes ago.  Should we cut our outing short and head back.  No, we will still stop at the liquidation store.  We don’t need anything.  This store just looked interesting.  It was not.

Through the outside security camera, I saw Six RENT-ME RVs moved in next to us.  The noise from the new neighbors pulling in is the reason the pups were barking.


When we got back to the RV, the pups went bonkers.  You would have thought we left them all day.  BooBoo was crying and wanting me to pick him up.  Benji and Bella were so excited they were zooming from the living area, through the garage and back to the living room.  If we want to have a normal travel life, we need them to get used to staying in the RV by themselves.  A little at a time.  Baby steps.

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind!

PS. I forgot to mention.  When the waitress brought our bill, she said she needed my name and phone number.  She wrote it on the back of our register slip.  HUM!!!  Is this so they can notify me if I came into contact with a COVID positive person at their restaurant?


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