Bah Humbug, Here we go again! & a $25 pie, OH MY!

The campground is filling up.  Almost every spot is taken.  What in the heck is going on?  It was empty a week ago.  Let me tell you what is going on.  Christmas in July is tomorrow and I guess it is a big thing here at Timberland Acres.  We will probably be the only site that is not participating.  I will turn on the 5th wheel LED outside lights.  I can even make them green and red.  I can make them blink also.  This is all I got people.

It was time for our evening walk.  It is a good time to see what the campers are doing to decorate.  Not too much yet.  Maybe everyone is waiting for tomorrow.

BooBoo and I took a selfie in front of the Christmas tree at the Activity Center.

As much as I tried, I could not get BooBoo to look at my phone camera.

BooBoo was confused as to what the white stuff was on the steps.  I tried to tell BooBoo that it was fake snow but all he wanted to do was sniff it.  We had to walk away before he decided to pee on it.

IMG_1794 (1)

Christmas tree by the pool.


Some campers made an attempt to decorate.  I don’t feel anybody went all out.  Maybe my 5th wheel coach lights will be a hit.  I’ll take a video of my light show tomorrow and post it.  Red and Green flashing lights.

Earlier today, we decided to take a ride.  We packed up the pups and were only on the road for 20 minutes when my hubby sighted a sign.


We passed up the sign and my hubby said he would really like some pie.  What the heck, it is Christmas in July tomorrow.  We turned around and drove down the long single car lane to a house that sells pies.  Hubby came out with a Rhubarb/Strawberry pie that cost $25.  Yes, you heard right.  Merry Christmas hubby.  This is your Christmas in July pie.

Maine is a beautiful State.  We drove around Southwest Harbor and Northeast Harbor.  The Yacht in the middle will be mine if I ever win the lottery.


We drove around Bar Harbor again.  Then headed back to our campground.

IMG_2763 2

God Bless, Stay Safe And Be Kind to Every Kind.

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