Timberland, Room without a View!

Timberland Acre RV Park will fit our needs.  We have full hookups on a very level gravel site.  We have a picnic table and a fire ring.  It will do.

me and rig star 2

Pros for this RV park:

  • As the sign says, 70, 100 foot Pull Thru Sites.
  • Paved roads.
  • Plenty of room for us.
  • The price, in my opinion, was right.  The other day, I was reading an RV forum on FaceBook and a lady was asking if there were any RV parks in Maine that had a monthly fee of UNDER $2,000.  Cost of Living is high in Maine.
  • There are plenty of nice stores and restaurants within a 5-mile radius of this campground.
  • We are 14 miles from Arcadia National Park and Bar Harbor.
  • Many other attractions are near by also.
  • The owners are very nice.


The cons:

Really, only one negative feature of this RV park.  We have a “Room Without a View”.  Our back deck has a view of a storage and work area.  We have not sat on our deck yet, but when we do, we have a view of stored RVs.

our view

Workers park their trucks in that area and it is noisy.  And a big tractor moves gravel daily.

junk yard view

We have our Dish Network out and hooked up.  Our scooters and the pups stroller under the front of the 5th wheel and our sign is out for everyone to see,

front of rig

Hubby would love to see a moose come out of the woods here but all I got to see was this wild animal.

me and sign

Not many people follow the 5 MPH speed limit here.  We do.


Taking everything into consideration, I would rate this park a 7.  If we didn’t have the view of a junkyard, oops, I mean storage area, I would rate it an 8.  It fits our needs.

our setup

We are happy all the same.  The other day, hubby says to me: “Isn’t it nice that we don’t have to do anything if we don’t want to”.  I said:  “yes it is!”.


There are a lot of empty sites.  Not sure if this is the norm or if it has to do with COVID.

emptuy parking

There are a lot of seasonal tenants.  You can always tell when a camper is a summer or seasonal resident.  There are dead give-a-ways.  The tomatoes in pots on this site are a good sign these people are seasonal.


The park has amenities:

  • pool
  • basketball court
  • arcade and rec room
  • propane for sale on site
  • pavilion

I don’t believe we will take advantage of these amenities.

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God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind.



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