Timberland Acres Monthly Stay and BooBoo has his room back.

The only time we get to use our garage as a living area is when we are parked for a longer period of time.  It is not worth taking the scooters out of the garage when we are staying for a short period of time.

So here we are now, near Bar Harbor, Maine in our monthly spot.  Scooters are out and we have our living area back and BooBoo is happy.  I’m happy too.

IMG_7385 (1)

This park only has a few channels using the Antenna.  No Cable here.  We do have Dish Network.  I set it up yesterday and we get all of this area’s local channels plus more.  I’m glad we got Dish Network because I would hate to spend a month here with just a few Antenna channels.


This park does have a small pool but not a lot of amenities.  For us, this park fits our needs because it is close to Bar Harbor and other attractions we want to visit.  The price was right too.  It was a little expensive but Maine has a high cost of living so I think the price is good for being in Maine.

They have paved roads throughout the park.  This is a big plus for us for walking the pups and riding our scooters.

Today, we took a short ride to scout out the area.

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind.



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