House on Wheels, you’re not in a Sticks and Bricks home anymore.

Our home on wheels takes a beating each time we drive down a road.  The roads in the United States are horrible and I am appalled at how the states allow this to happen.  Bridges are the worst.  Hubby groans out loud each time we hit a bump, hear a bang, or run over a hole in the road.  I just cringe silently fearing the worse.  What if we get a flat tire?  What if we break a spring on the 5th wheel?  All because of these horrible roads.

Yesterday was a travel day and one of the major highways we were on was worse than riding down railroad tracks.  Bump, bump, bump, thump, thump, bang for 20 minutes straight.  The left lane was closed for miles and not one worker was present.  I wonder what the states are doing with the money that is earmarked for roads.  Apparently, not working on the roads.  We did see one worker yesterday and he had a leaf blower.  HUM!  Wonder what they were paying him?

After a travel day, we are actually afraid to open the door or our coach.  What mess are we going to find?  What will be broken because of these horrible roads?  How much will it cost us to fix things?

My Rant is over.

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind.


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