In the Middle of Nowhere! Camp Scary!

Last night laying in bed with hubby, he says to me:  “We could disappear here and no one would ever find us”.  That made me get out of bed and double-check to make sure our doors were locked.

After the sun went down here last night, it was dark.  Pitch black.  So dark that if I were outside last night, I would not be able to see my hand in front of my face.  I could see a few lights in the distance and hubby told me he thought it was the registration office/camp store.

We joked that Benji could keep us safe.  Benji is small but mighty.  Just his growl alone would scare the pants off of an intruder.  Let it be known that Benji would probably lick the intruder to death.

To come to my defense, this was the only campground out of hundreds that gave a good review.  This was my only choice and I spent probably three quarters of a day online looking.  There were a few really nice ones but they only allowed 2 pets per site.  Or they could not accommodate a big rig.  When people give bad reviews on campgrounds, I always think to myself, you get what you pay for.   This campground is $40 a night, not cheap and they had 4 out of 5 stars on their reviews.  I knew it was not a resort but I as least thought it would be a pleasant place to spend two nights.  I hate it when we get to a new campground and hubby has a look on his face that revealed his true thoughts – WHAT WERE YOU THINING WHEN YOU RESERVED THIS PLACE but then hubby looks at me with his kind face and says, it’s not that bad.  Hubby is always too kind.   Hubby does not have to come right out and tell me that I picked a dump.  He makes little comments like:

  • I’ll have to get my weedwacker out tomorrow and trim the grass
  • If our site was level, I would not even unhitch
  • I guess we don’t have to watch TV
  • When brushing your teeth, use the filtered Berkey water
  • You might not want to shower, the water has a dingy color
  • We could disappear, yada yada yada

Pretend we are Roy Rogers and Dale Evans back in the day.  Instead of getting in our Big Boy Truck, we would mount our horse Trigger.  Instead of sleeping in our 5th wheel, we would be sleeping in a tent on the hard ground.  They didn’t have air mattresses back them.  Bears and Indians would be watching us.  Then you would think I picked a pretty good campground.

We’ve stayed in worse.  My record for finding good campgrounds is pretty good.  I’ve found 18 very nice campgrounds out of the 20 we’ve stayed in.

In the light of day, this campground is not “that” bad.  Hubby always sees the glass as half empty, I see life with the glass half full.  He picks out the bad in this campground, I pick out the good.  We even each other out.  They say opposites attract.

We are in a campground in the middle of nowhere.  Our site is in the middle of a field.  We have electricity and water.  There is one other camper in this field. The funny thing is when I reserved, I asked for a pull-through.  We were given the site number over the phone.  We were given site F3.  When I looked at the site map on their website, it did not look like a pull-through.  So I immediately called back to double-check.  Yep, we are in a field and because there is no camper behind us on F10, we pull through F10 and stop when we get to our site F3.  This is a first for us.

I was going to joke with the man in the registration office and ask what time trash pick up at our site was.  He was a very nice man, but I don’t think he would have found my joke humorous.  I guess at the a few of the last  campgrounds we’ve stayed at, we were pampered.  Those campgrounds picked up our garbage.  We put it out, they picked it up.

The nice man handed me a map of the campground.  He said, the rules are on the back.  Then he said, you don’t need to read them, you are here during the week and everything is quiet.  Hum! Wonder what weekends are like?

This campground has a lake.  In the pictures on their website, it looked like a big lake that you could boat around in.  I did see a pond.  I’ll let you know in my next post if that pond was indeed the lake.

No cable TV here, but we do get a few channels using our antenna.  Every so often, the antenna signal fails and we have to look for another channel.  We do have WIFI.  The park offers WIFI and it is pretty good.  NOTE:  We could get our satellite out and have a ton of channels but for one day, it is not worth the trouble.

It was raining when we pulled in yesterday so I didn’t get any pictures of our site and campground.  I will take some later today when I go outside.  So stay tuned to my next post.  I promise pictures.

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind.

PS:  All of the digital signs on the interstates in New York blast out a reminder.  Don’t worry, I won’t forget.


One thought on “In the Middle of Nowhere! Camp Scary!

  1. Well, I will look for your post tomorrow to make sure you made it through the night! Sounds like you are getting an “A” for picking campgrounds (18/20 = 90%). I read reviews, too, but one is never 100% sure. I enjoyed reading your post. Good luck with your next one, and enjoy your day! Stay safe!

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