Allegheny River Campground Review and the Allegheny River.

I’m told that the mouth of the Allegheny is around 30 miles upstream and that is why it looks like a creek here at the campground.  Yes, this is a river.  If I didn’t know better, I would call it a creek.  I was talking to a local old-timer yesterday and he told me the Allegheny dumps into the Mississippi and eventually the gulf.

You can tube down this river but I feel my butt would drag on the bottom.


Mountain ranges circle the campground.  The weather has been crazy hot.  Every day in the 90s.

Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 7.32.14 AM

Hubby and I took a walk through the campground yesterday and it was miserable hot.  We could not wait to get back into the coach to cool off.

This campground has a very small pool and it was full yesterday.


All of the campground we’ve stayed in have small, one or two-bedroom cabins people can rent.  This campground has several cabins.  If you want something different, this campground offers a caboose you can rent and stay in.


There is an old antique fire engine on-site.


Selfie time!  Yes we are happy and our smiles show it.


Hubby like antique vehicles and tractors.

IMG_2455 2

IMG_2462 3

This is the registration office and camp store.

IMG_2460 2

A bird house and tree ornament.  I’m wondering if the tree ornament scares the birds.


This campground is very quiet.  Not sure what weekends are like.  We like it here and for sure would stay here again.  Our site is big and it is a pull-through.  They only have two pull-through sites here.  If you have a small camper, you can stay on site right on the edge of the creek.  The roads are gravel and the sites are grass.  Each site has a picnic table and a fire ring.  Out of the two pull-through sites, we chose the corner lot and we have plenty of room.


The park offers WIFI but since I have my own WIFI, I didn’t need the code.  Each site has their own WIFI code.  I could not get any TV channels using our antenna and there isn’t cable so I am very glad I have my own Dish Network.  I have Dish Network’s “pay as you go” program.  This program is for RVers that move around.

We have reservations in Maine starting on July 15th so we can take our time getting there.  The route we are taking is really limiting us on campgrounds.  We do have our next campground reserved.

Today we will take a ride in the Big Boy Truck to see what this area has to offer.  I’m thinking it will be a short ride.

God Bless, Stay Safe and Be Kind to Every Kind!


One thought on “Allegheny River Campground Review and the Allegheny River.


    Linda, if you make it to Kane, there’s an adorable clothing store there right on the main street called Judi’s Place. I have shopped there for years! Judi is the best! If you stop there, tell her I sent you! Safe travels! We were just there this weekend for the 4th! XOXO


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