Allegheny River Campground & Travel Woes.

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Another nice campground in the middle of NO-Where.  This campground has 98 sites with two pull-throughs, one of which we have.   Today, we will walk around the campground and take more pictures.  We will also take a ride in the Big Boy Truck to check out the area.

Currently, we do not have neighbors so it is very quiet and peaceful.   Each site has a picnic table and a fire ring.


This campground sits in the middle of several small mountain ranges so WIFI is iffy.  My Verizon seems to work the best.  AT&T is almost non-existent.  Yesterday I got out the dish network satellite.  We get all Youngstown local channels on the TV in the living area.  I will work on getting the bedroom set up for Dish Network.  Today I will put up my WIFI booster.  If we were only staying for one night, it would not be worth getting all of this set up but we are here for 3 nights total.  And we are TV watchers and I need WIFI to find our next campground.

Yesterday was our travel day and it didn’t go as smoothly as we would have liked it.  It was over 90 degrees out and tearing down at our old site and setting up at this new site was a pain in the ASS.  Hubby was crabby and I like things done in “order”.  Hitching and un-hitching went smoothly but stupid things like putting out the slides before unhitching and auto-leveling were out of our set up “order”.  Hubby’s back was hurting and he was hot.  He kept saying he needed to sit down and I told him to sit down but he would not sit down.  URG!!!  What is that saying?  You can lead a horse to water but can’t make him drink.  Ok, done ranting about hubby.

We had two slight problems.  When hitched and driving down the road, we have the camper electric cord plugged in on the inside of the bed of the truck.  There were several bumpy sections of this two-lane road we were on and when we hit some very bumpy sections of the road, we started getting a ding ding warning for us to check the trailer connection.  We quickly found a place to pull over and hubby connected the electric cord to the connection on the outside of the truck bed.  It appears the connection on the inside of the bed does not enable a secure, tight connection, especially when on a bumpy road.

We also do not have battery power inside of our coach.  We will check that out today.  We do have our generator and when parked in a campground, we have shore power.  Don’t know if a lead to/from the battery fell off or maybe the battery is bad. If it is a bad battery, I am replacing it with a Battle Born Battery.  Very expensive battery but has a 10-year warranty.  

Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 8.40.44 AM

The drive to this campground was nice and relaxing.  We took the interstate for a short distance before getting on two-lane roads.  We enjoyed the scenery and the slower pace on route 66.  Traffic on Route 66 was very busy, but luckily, the traffic was coming towards us in the other lane.  Most of the traffic were campers and boaters heading home after the holiday weekend.

We love our Big Boy Truck.  It is very comfortable and pulls our 5th wheel great.  Hubby loves his cool seat, especially on hot days.  This week, the temps are supposed to be in the 90s every day.  His cool seat is the first thing he turns on when we get in the truck.  There is plenty of room for the pups in the back seat.  Of course, they are tethered in back there.


The pups understand what happens on travel days.  I secure the inside of the coach while the pups sit on the couch and patiently wait for me to finish.  Everything is done except for putting in the living area slides.  We put the puts in the truck before I pull in the slides. We turn on the truck air conditioning before putting the pups in the truck so it is cool and comfortable for them.  They sit in their seats in the truck while hubby and I finish up the outside work before hitching.


Although our actual drive time was 3 hours, tear down and set up takes time.  After the long day, we were relaxing in the living area watching TV using our Dish Network Satellite and I realized BooBoo was not around us.  Where was BooBoo?  You can’t get really lost in this 400 square feet tin can but he can be mischievous.  I decided I had better go look for hin.  He was snuggled on my side of the bed in our comfy blanket.  I guess he needed his alone time.


We all slept very well after this exhausting day.  A new day of adventure awaits us.

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind.


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