Here We Go Again, Getting Ready for Another Travel Day.

Our month-long stay in PA is coming to an end.  Tomorrow, we leave this campground and will head to Maine.  We will have 10 days to get to our next destination where we have a month reserved.  Today will be a day of getting everything secured.  I will lose my living area in the garage for the next 11 days.

Yesterday, we organized the storage compartment and installed a Furrion backup camera on the back of the 5th wheel.  It was in the 90s yesterday so anything done outside was a chore.

Today, we had to transition the garage from the living area to a garage.  I folded my tables and chairs.  Living in a 5th wheel you need foldable furniture especially when you need to use one room for a garage on travel days and a living room when stationary for a month or more.


Out with the furniture and in with the scooters.


Still so much to do to secure everything.  I’m tired so much will have to wait until tomorrow morning.

Changing the subject.  Today is Independence Day.  Happy 4th of July.

Happy One Year Anniversary to Hubby and I.  This past Thursday was one year our house closed and we started our adventure.  What a whirlwind this past year has been.

  1. Hubby hospitalized in Florida a few weeks after we started our adventure.  Scary!
  2. Spent the winter months in Florida.  Warm weather and sunshine almost every day.
  3. COVID 19 emerged.  Many new normals.
  4. Two of my nieces got pregnant within a month of each other.  Geno and Max.
  5. My three nieces launched their online boutique.  Shop Rae Lux.
  6. We’ve booked 17 stays at campgrounds during our seven months on the road.  A few are repeat stays.  These stays ranged anywhere from one night’s reservations to monthly stays.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind.




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