The Guy Family Annual Reunion

Every year on Father’s Day the Guy family has their annual reunion at the White Chaple Church’s pavilion.  The rain stayed away.  It was nice to see everyone.

It’s not very often all of the “Guys” are together in the same place so this was a good time to get a pic of hubby’s family.  What a Motley Crew.


Martha and Joellen joined the group picture.  It’s good to see Dad laughing.  As we get older, the conversations now revolve around Rotator cuff injuries, diabetes, skin cancer and other health issues.


Earlier today before we went to the reunion, it was a typical day with a trip to the store and the gas station for Blue DEF.  Blue DEF is something needed for the deisel Big Boy Truck.  Who is that masked man?  Just another sign that COVID is still around.

masked man

Back in the RV, it was time to change the sheets on the bed.   I had a little helper.  The bottom fitted sheet just came out of the dryer and I think my little Benji just wanted to snuggle in and smell the fresh sheets.  Benji looked so content I didn’t have the heart to make him get off.  I waited it out.  Eventually he got bored with laying on the sheet and went to see what Bella and BooBoo were doing.


BooBoo and Bella decided to stay down on the couch.  I think they knew Benji was not in the mood to share his finding of freshly washed bed sheets.IMG_2319

Time goes by so quickly.  We’ve been at this RV park for 16 days already.

God Bless, Stay Safe and Be Kind.



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