I have an Audience! A day in the life of three pups traveling the US.

On travel days, the hubby is outside doing the outside work and I am finalizing the inside duties of securing everything. I have an audience and the pups sit on the couch and watch me. I think they know the process by now. They patiently wait to get their harnesses on.  They watch my every move.

In the truck, Benji is tethered in the back seat but has enough leash to be able to reach up for a photo op.

BooBoo, Benji and Bella have very comfortable beds for inside of the truck. Bella and Benji’s beds are tethered in the backseat of the truck. Bella wants to be in Benji’s bed and Benji lays next to his bed.  BooBoo’s bed is secured on the console between the two front seats.  BooBoo has a little anxiety in the truck so he does much better sitting up front with us.

After a travel day, we are always exhausted. I guess we are not as young as we once were.  Knock on wood, we have our unhitching and setting up or hitching and tearing down to a science,  People in campgrounds love to sit outside of their rigs and watch campers come in and set up when they arrive or tear down when they are leaving.  I’m sure we’ve been laughed at a few times in our past but yesterday, our unhitching and setting up was seamless.  The couple in the rig next to us were sitting outside of their rig watching us and compliment us on how quick we unhitched and set up.  

Once back in the RV, Hubby, Bella, and Benji go to the bedroom around 8 pm to watch TV and relax. BooBoo sits with me in the lower level and we watch TV together. Well, BooBoo loves watching out the window. He will sit for hours quietly looking out the window.

BooBoo, Bella, and Benji are the best travelers.  I often wonder what goes through their little minds when we spend hours in the truck traveling or when we can’t watch TV in the garage area because when traveling our scooters and other stuff fill the garage area.  


Most mornings, Benji, BooBoo and Bella make their way to the couch and sit patiently waiting for breakfast.  


In a few days, we will be in PA where we have a site at a KOA for a month.  We will take the scooters out, organize that area, and gain back our living area in the garage.  We will again be able to relax and watch TV back there. 

God Bless, Stay Safe and Be Kind




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