Day Before We Leave!

Today was not fun. It was 91 degrees and we had to get the scooters in the garage and secure everything. It was hot, hot, hot. We took one last scooter ride before we loaded the scooters in the garage and it was so hot that even the scooter ride was not fun. I would not make a good Floridian.

I wanted to put the scooters in sideways to save space. Hubby wanted to bring them in straight because it was easier. Well, hubby did it my way and it was harder. But we saved space and that is what is important. We got the scooters in sideways and BooBoo even helped.

We finally got everything secured.

I unloaded our Dometic portable freezer and put everything in our Kitchen refrigerator. The Dometic portable freezer runs strictly off of electricity or battery. Because we will not have electricity while traveling and our kitchen fridge runs off propane and electricity, we will run the kitchen fridge/freezer until we reach our PA destination.

Since we could not use the garage as a living area while traveling, I wanted to make the most of the garage. Normally we put a lot of our items on the bed. Then when we stop for an overnight stay, I have to take everything off the bed. Since we cannot use the garage as a living area, why not put everything in the garage so set up and tear down will be much easier for me. The more we do this, the better I get.

The patio door is up. The windows in our three-season doors are down. The blinds are up. The scooters are tied down. Other stuff is secured with bungees. I think we are ready to go.

This weekend there was protesting and rioting in major cities. I hope all goes well for us as we travel on major interstates around these cities that are hot spots for rioting. We have hot spots for Corona and now hot spots for rioting. 2020 is a year that will go down in infamy.

God Bless Everyone. Stay Safe. Be Kind to Everyone.


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