Securing before leaving! Two days prior.

We have today and tomorrow to work on securing everything. We’ve been at this RV park for 3 months. During this 3 month period, we lived in the 5th wheel like we lived in our S&B’s home. Just like we did in our home, we sleep, we cook, we clean, and wash clothes. We watch TV and we get comfortable. Now we have to put everything away and secure it down for the trip to PA.

Before every trip, we need to secure everything inside the 5th wheel. It is like a mini earthquake in the 5th wheel especially with the interstate roads being as horrible as they are. You may not realize it, but when driving down the road with the 5th wheel in tow, each bump we hit causes everything in the 5th wheel to shift and items can actually get thrown around like a rag doll. Don’t even think you can ride in the 5th wheel as it is not safe to do so.

We have a loft in our 5th wheel. We use our loft for storage. Once and only once was I all the way up and in the loft and no one in their right mind would sleep up there. Therefore, we removed the thin loft mattress and filled that area with stuff like toilet paper, paper towels, blankets, sheets and other stuff that we need and don’t have room for in our cupboards. It’s a great space for storage.

So with tension poles and bungee nets I got on the telescopic ladder and secured that area. Since I am the organizer pro, I am the one that climbs the ladder to secure our loft area. Spoiler alert, I would not let hubby do it anyway.

We have an cargo storage area in the belly of the 5th wheel that we access from outside. Today we organized this area.

We also cleaned out the bed of the big boy truck.

Tomorrow, we will put the scooters in the garage of our 5th wheel toy hauler garage area and organize and secure this area. We will empty our gray and black tanks and close them. The more we get done tomorrow, the less we have to do on Monday morning,

Monday morning, check out is 11 am. We will put the bedroom TV on the bed. All of the window blinds have to be raised. All system shut off. All lights turned off. We will disconnect everything outside.

We won’t be using the garage area until we reach our campground in PA. I will miss relaxing in my comfy chair and watching my TV in the garage.


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