Memorial Day Weekend is over!

Checkout time is 11 am in this park. Just as the RV’s paraded in prior to the weekend, yesterday and this morning they are parading out. The weekend warriors are all leaving. I was a weekend warrior once. It was relatively a quiet weekend on our section of the park. I have no clue how noisy it was in the main park where all of the activity is. There was a golf cart parade on Sunday evening and then around 11 pm there were golf carts driving by with people whooping it up but other than that, it was one quiet Memorial day.

What did you do on Memorial day. Yesterday, Memorial day was 80º and overcast with sprinkles off and on. We spent the day relaxing. But what is new. We’ve been spending every day relaxing. I love RV life.

We are very comfortable in our home on wheels.

Hubby said it is only fair that I share a picture he took of me and BooBoo relaxing. My BooBoo likes to cuddle up on my lap just like a little baby.

I am counting down the days until we get to PA. Not counting today, we have 5 days left in this park until we head out. It doesn’t feel like we’ve been here for 3 whole months. Time goes by so quickly.

We have so much to do this week. We have a large storage area in the underbelly of the coach that needs organized. The day before we leave, the scooters will get secured inside of the garage area. Everything in the garage area will need to be secured. All of our chairs and tables in the garage area are foldable will need to be put away and secured. We won’t use our garage as living area until we are at our monthly campsite in PA.

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God Bless, Stay Safe and Be Kind

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