Planning our Trip to our Homebase!

It was hot today. Now I see why Floridians stay inside in the summer. But, wait… it’s not summer yet. It’s only May and the temps have been in the 90s.

BooBoo and I took a scooter ride today. I am working on a YouTube video review of this RV park and the best way to capture the park is on my scooter with my Sony camcorder. Even on the scooter, with a slight breeze, it was very hot and towards the end of the ride I could see my pup getting uncomfortable. I too, could not wait till we got back into the air conditioning.

When we decided on this new lifestyle of travel and adventure, our plan was to follow the sunshine and temperatures in the 70s. Our plan also was to go to our home-base semiannually see our doctors, dentists, our groomer, and most importantly, our family.

My favorite program I use to research and plan my trips is RVTRIP W I Z A R D.  It took a few weeks of planning but we now have our route for our trip home planned and reservations made for the campgrounds we will be staying at.  Since we have a 5th wheel RV and three puppies, Walmart and other overnight parking is not an option for us.  With our slides closed, we have access to our bedroom, bathroom, and one side of our refrigerator. When you stay at these parking lot overnight areas, it is courtesy not to pull out our slides or run our generator.  We are stopping to sleep, not camp out.    During travel days, we need campgrounds and hookups for our nightly stops.  We usually stop for the day around 3 pm so we want a nice place to relax and enjoy the rest of the day.  We want to take our pups for a walk, have a nice dinner, watch some TV, and get a good night’s sleep without worrying if we will get a knock on our door in the middle of the night asking us to leave. We also like full hookups.

Our RVTripWIZARD program is complete for our travel days to our home-base and I can now print out the trip.  I can export the trip to my calendar.  I can send the trip to my GPS. On the image below, I cropped out some of the resort names on the left to protect our privacy.

Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 10.54.20 AM

I like researching campgrounds and travel plans so this RVTrip WIZARD program is right up my alley.   I use several other programs such as Campendium, Harvest Host, Good Sams, Passport America, KOA and a few others.  But both RV TripWIZARD and Mapquest are primarily used to help route my trips.  Hubby does help and his help is appreciated. Hubby likes to open his Atlas and get out his magnifying glass. With me on the computer and hubby with his Atlas, we make a good pair.

We will be staying at an RV park close to our family for a month. After that month is up, our plans are up in the air. Our initial plans for this summer were to go west. Because of the Covid pandemic, we changed these plans.  We are thinking of heading north to the New England state but we have to see what will be open this summer.  Travel might be limited.

We’ve been at Flamingo Lake RV Park for three months now. In 10 short days we will be packed up to head out. Travel days are stressful for me.  Everything in the 5th wheel needs to be secured.  We lose the use of our garage because we need to put the scooters in the garage.   Black and gray tanks need to be emptied.  Tire pressure needs to be checked.  Electric cords, water hoses, sewer hoses, cable cords need to be disconnected and put away.  Slides need to be pulled in.  We need to hitch up.   Our GPS needs to be programmed.  The puppies need to be tethered in their seats. We have a check list pages long of things we need to do before we put the big boy truck in drive.

Stay Safe Everyone, God Bless and Be Kind.

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