Oh Happy Day! It’s a Start. It made me smile ear to ear.

Hubby and I took. scooter ride to the other side of our RV park and what a delight.  The lake beaches are open.  No more yellow “keep out” tape.  Taking the tape down and opening these areas made me smile.  It’s a sign we are getting some of our freedoms back.  The pool and camp store are still closed but that is probably because the areas are small which makes it difficult to social distance.  It’s a start!

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 9.03.26 AM                   It’s open


We got our Amazon package yesterday.  Benji got shoes.  Benji is so white and we want to keep him that way.  Each time we take a walk, Benji digs his front paws into the blacktop.  At the end of our walk, his paws are black all the way up to his stomach.  He has short legs.  Hopefully, these puppy shoes will stop him from digging in.  Maybe they will even occupy him so he does not bark at every dog he sees during our walk.  Keep your fingers crossed for me that this will work.


Bitmojis for the new normal.  Hopefully, sometime in the future, the only remembrance of the pandemic will be in the history books.  But lets never forget the months when our freedoms were taken away.


God Bless, Stay Healthy, Helpful, and Calm.  And most of all, Be Kind.

2 thoughts on “Oh Happy Day! It’s a Start. It made me smile ear to ear.

  1. Dan & Beth Hildebrand

    Hi Roy and Linda,

    We love reading your blog. I was wondering what kind of washer and dryer you got for in your camper and where did you get it from. We are waiting from our Momentum 351M to come in and I would like to put the washer and dryer in.

    Dan & Beth


    1. We love our washer and dryer. Email me at glampinginmyrv@aol.com and I will reply with more information. We have the 397TH so ours is in the bedroom. It took up some storage area but I love the washer and dryer being in the bedroom. Instead of a hamper, my hubby throws his dirty clothes right into the washer. When it gets full (small loads) I throw in a detergent packet and run the washer. I put things in the dryer and take them out and fold them and put them away right there in the bedroom. We don’t get dirty and I do separate the whites if we have any. lol.


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