In a Dog’s Mind!

Last week, we took Benji to the groomers.  Today, we took Bella and BooBoo.  I think it was harder on me leaving them with strangers or was it?  Did they wonder if we were ever coming back to their home with us?  Did they think we abandoned them?  Did they know how long they were there without us?  Were they scared?  What were they thinking when strangers were bathing them, grooming them, cutting their nails?  All I know is when we picked them up they went crazy.

Since the lockdown and mostly since we started living in the RV, we have been with our pups day and night, 24/7.  There is a joke on Facebook that is my life in a nutshell.  It goes:  You never know how anti-social you are until there is a pandemic and your life really doesn’t change that much.  Whatever we do or wherever we go, we take our pups with us, so what went through their little heads when we left them at the groomers.

Last week, we took Benji because he really needed to be groomed.  He has been so clingy since then.  If you have not read my blog about Benji going to the groomer, click here.

IMG_1820 2

Today, we took BooBoo and Bella to the groomer and they came out adorable.  They are at home and in their most comfortable environment with us.  And I am happy both with how they turned out and that they are home with me.

Back at our Homebase in Hermitage PA, we have a groomer.  They know her.  They’ve gone to her since they were just little pups.  We are comfortable leaving them with Chelsey, their Hermitage groomer because they know we’ve left them there before and they know we came back to get them.

God Bless everyone.  Stay Safe.  And most of all, Be Kind.



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