Hair Color for Me, Grooming for Benji

Colored my hair using Madison Reed.  I’ve been using Madison Reed for over a year now.  I have it set on auto-delivery every 5 weeks.  It comes in a kit with everything you need to color your hair at home or in your RV like I do.   Madison Reed is certified cruelty-free too.


Good thing I went 2 colors lighter to a medium brown because it came out darker than I expected.  I like it.  Say goodbye to gray.



Is this the same dog?  It is!

Yes, this is a before and after picture.  Yes, this is the same pup.

Groomers in Florida have finally opened.  Although we give our furbabies a bath and wash their feet after we go for walks, we could not keep up with their grooming because the groomers were closed.  Benji tries to bite me when I attempt to trim his face or brush his ears so I keep away.  I knew his ears were matted and I knew the groomer would have to shave him.  When I saw him after he was groomed, I could not believe he was my Benji.  I can’t stop cuddling him.  He is so soft and he just smells so good.

Today I received a care package from my sister.  All packages we receive get delivered to the office in the main section of the RV park.   The Camp Store is in the same building as the office.  Because the office is a bit of a distance from our site, I hopped on my trusty scooter and scooted over to the office to pick up my package.  IMG_1859

The package was from my sister.  My care package included 2 pandemics face masks and my Thieves Spray.  And all of my mail. Mostly JUNK.



It was such a nice day today, I took the long way around the park on my way to the office.  The lake has two beach areas that are closed due to the pandemic.  Yellow crime scene tape drapes around the trees to cordon off the beach area.  No, not a crime scene but the tape is evidence of the closure of the beach area.

When the beach area is open, beach enthusiasts can rent floats, paddle boats, and other water toys.


I like the lake.  It would be very nice to have a site overlooking this lake but our rig is too long for these sites.  The lake is in the older section of the RV park.  We are in the new section which is “big rig” capable.  The old side might have the lake and that is a positive feature.  The old side has some negatives.  It’s so close to Interstate 295 that you can see and hear the traffic.  Very noisy.  It’s also more crowded.  I like the new side because it is quiet.

As Always, Be Safe, God Bless, and Most of all, Be Kind.



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