What to do, What to do??

We ordered this sign a while back and I’m just getting around to posting a picture of it.  You know I’m busy?  Actually, today I’m washing three loads of clothes.  Love my washer and dryer.  I would not have an RV without one.


I also fixed a screen I hung for when we have our patio doors open to keep the bugs out.  It fell off a month ago and because I am so busy, I put off fixing it until today when a huge wasp flew in.   That got me moving.

I keep the patio doors open so the pups can go out on the deck by themselves, It works pretty well.


As you can see from the picture above, we have a nice backyard at our campground.

The weather today is absolutely perfect.  We have every window and door open in the 5th wheel.  There is a nice breeze coming through.

Due to the lockdown, we pretty much stay in the park.  Our days consist of walking the pups.  The pups love their walks.  As soon as they see their harnesses, they go crazy.

Stay Safe and God Bless (and most of all, be kind)

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