No One Knows Me Here! Thank God!

No one knows me here in Florida, so I don’t care if I look ridiculous.  There were a few guys in the grocery store that I could tell by the look in their eyes that they thought I was cute.  They had on masks too so all I could see were their eyes.  I would say it was 50/50 the people that wore masks and gloves.  Mostly the older generation did.  Me, I want to protect hubby so I masked up and put on my gloves.  He is high risk so I do the grocery shopping and I try to be as safe as possible.


I didn’t hoard but I did get enough food to last us for another two weeks.  The paper product aisle was still empty.  Still no hand sanitizer and dawn dish soap.  What is up with people hoarding dawn dish detergent.  I was able to get some canned and frozen vegetables.

I feel somewhat safe in Publix Grocery Stores.  I feel Publix takes extra care to keep the store clean.  There are times I wonder if anywhere is safe.  But, Duval County is opening the beaches tomorrow.  I will still stay in for another week or two.  Not going to the beach.  Not going anywhere for a while yet.  That is my way of staying safe.  If we do get to start for home at the end of April, I need to stay safe if I want to go around my family.

So everyone, stay safe.

God Bless

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