Thunder rumbling in a sticks and bricks home is way different than thunder rumbling in a tin can 5th wheel.  I can actually feel the vibration in my feet.  Lightning and thunder one after another.  The wind is blowing.  The rain hitting the roof is indescribable.  Many people I know love thunder storms.  Not me.  I know the destruction storms can cause.

Hubby and the pups are still in bed.  It’s 10:30 am but dark as night.  The pups feel safer in the bedroom with hubby.  Benji takes shelter under the covers.  Bella’s little body shakes uncontrollably.  BooBoo is totally unfazed.  The room darkening blinds are closed so the pups can’t see the bright lightning strikes.

I’m watching the storm sitting in the garage area.  I have a large window next to my chair.  Our garage is set up as a living room while we are parked.  When I see a lightning strike, I count, one thousand one, one thousand two.  It appears the lightning strikes are 5 miles away.

This one is going to be a bad one, I can tell.  The weather alert radio did not sound off like it usually does for storms in our area.   There is not an alert on the TV either.  What the heck?

The storm is now over.  The sky lightened up again.

We are expecting storms all day today.  It will be another long day inside.




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