Jacksonville Florida Stay Safe at Home Order

Gov. Ron DeSantis said Wednesday (April.1)  he will issue an executive order calling for Floridians statewide to stay at home, a move that he had been resisting as other states took similar steps because of the novel coronavirus.

A white typed letter was taped to our door handle yesterday morning.  Each time we see a white typed letter taped to our outside door handle, we rush to read it never knowing what is next.  I quickly went out to get our letter and read it out loud knowing the hubby was as interested in what it would tell us as I was.

We are a monthly guest and that means we are able to stay in our RV park.  This is getting real folks.

IMG_1653 3

We needed to go out and we wanted to do it before the new order started.  We could go to the grocery store as it is considered essential.  This new order was to begin Thursday evening.  They talked about policing this order and stopping cars to make sure they were only out for essential Business.  We wanted to buy a new TV.  I don’t think the police would consider a new TV essential business.  We like to watch TV and since we are pretty much stuck in the 5th wheel, what else is there to do.

The TV in the 5th wheel bedroom is JUNK and small.  No other words can be used to describe that TV.  The RV Park offers 60 cable channels included in our rent.  This piece of Junk TV, no matter how many times I scanned for channels would not add some of the important local channels.  Hubby watches the TV in the bedroom more than in the living area.   Hubby wanted a new better, bigger screen TV.  Fortunately for hubby, Best Buy had the perfect 43″ Sony TV on sale and although Best Buy was closed, you could order the TV online and pick it up curbside.  We ordered the TV, received an email saying it was ready.  The instructions read that we would drive to the curb, hit the button on the email telling them we were at the curb waiting. A sales rep came out and looked at our driver’s license.  Another rep brought it out and loaded it.  We drove off.

The previous TV was mounted on the wall. We decided since this TV was bigger and heavier, it would be best to set it on the dresser.  It fits perfectly on the dresser.  I do not like being able to see the wires hanging.  When we get home, we will call our handyman Adam.  Adam will build something nice to hide these wires. For now, this will have to do.


Since we were already out for nonessential business,, we figured we would make one more stop for essential business.  We would stop at the grocery store.  Armed with disposal gloves and a bandana mask and Clorox wipes, I entered the grocery store.  I felt like I was walking into the depths of hell.  It didn’t feel like I was in the United States.  This does not happen in the United States.

There were a lot of cars in the parking lot but the store seemed empty.  The people that were in the store were there for a reason.  Just like me, they had a job to do.  They needed to get their groceries and get out.  They were courteous as they quickly passed by you in the grocery aisle.  The store had taken precautions to keep us shoppers safe.  There were no lines at each checkout station.  The store had it set up so there was one line with tape on the floor so that people in line to check out could stay 6 feet away from each other.  Check out was quick and I was quickly done with my shopping and out of the store.

The toilet paper and paper towel aisle were still bare.  Not a square to be had.

On the way to and from the grocery store, we crossed over the St John’s River by way of a big bridge.

I believe this bridge is The Dames Point Bridge (officially the Napoleon Bonaparte Broward Bridge) is a cable-stayed bridge over the St. Johns River in Jacksonville, Florida on the Interstate 295 East Beltway.


We were amazed to see several large ships.  I later read that the Norwegian Cruise Line had idled three ships at JaxPort during this coronavirus outbreak.



We got home, put away groceries and decided t take a scooter ride.  I needed to rest my body and my mind.  Sometimes my mind takes a break and forgets what is happening.  Even when my mind takes a break I find my mind is tired.  I find I am a little crabby also.  It’s a good thing my husband is the only one that has to put up with me in this trying time.

Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 10.12.30 AM

After our ride, we put the pups in the 5th wheel while we secure the scooters with cable locks.  I like to cover mine with our scooter covers each night.

Our Furbabies waiting for us to lock up the scooters and come in for the evening.

This was not our typical day.  Our typical day during the stay safe at home pandemic is to take the fur babies for a few walks around the park and basically just stay in.  We now have groceries that will last a few weeks.,  We have nowhere else to go.



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