Same Old, Same Old!

Today we took our same old walk early.  We mixed it up a bit.  Today we walked early in the morning before the pavement got hot.


We did our same old TV (YouTube) watching.  But today wee mixed it up a little and watched some YouTubers that we were not subscribed to.  We just needed something new.

Something different happened while watching YouTube this evening.  It brought back memories from last December when I called the ambulance for hubs.  We saw a Firetruck, followed by an ambulance go through the park.  Lights and siren.  Praying for whoever needed an ambulance and hoping whoever called the ambulance does not have Covid-19.

Our best friends, Don and Paula are heading north tomorrow.  They wintered in an RV resort in Ocala, Florida.  They still have a home in PA and although they like Florida in the winter, they are ready to go to their sticks and bricks home.  I will worry about them until they reach their driveway and are safely in their home.  They have a motor home pulling a toad.  Of course, I will bug them daily by texting with questions like:

How is it going?
Did you eat?
Are you tired?
How many more miles are you driving today?
Are you feeling okay?
Where did you sleep last night?

On another note:  I still feel like I am living a nightmare and tomorrow I will wake up and everything will be fine.  People will still be working, businesses will still be thriving, people are vacationing, the beaches are open and crowded laying in the sun inches from each other, and people are hugging.  Nurses, doctors, hospital staff will work normal jobs taking care of patients without having to worry if they will get sick themselves or carrying the virus home to their family.  Students will be walking the halls at school getting ready for prom.  Restaurants will be bustling.  There will be an abundance of toilet paper.  The grocery stores will be stocked. Airports will be crowded.  The stock market will be thriving and we will still see those damn political ads on the TV every few minutes.

But no, this is not just a bad dream. I just pray this is not the new normal.  So stay safe out there everyone.


God Bless





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