Another Corona Boring Day – Virus, not the Beer.

The sky was pretty last night.  The temps reached 91 degrees yesterday.  I’m not complaining because back in our home base in Pennsylvania, it was chilly, was stormy and rained most of the day.  Today is supposed to be the same up there in PA.

Our day yesterday started off with a video conference call to plan the baby shower for my two nieces.  Gotta love technology.  We all have the FaceBook portal.  Molly and I both dialed in from remote areas.  Gerri, Lindsay, and Chelsea dialed in from Chelsea’s home.  We shared a google spreadsheet that we can all update.  Hopefully, the Covid-19 crisis will be over towards the end of May.

Since we are pretty much stuck in our little home on wheels, we rely on the TV and the Internet for entertainment.  I got some good news from Verizon yesterday.  I have a jetpack with Verizon and they added 15GB to my unlimited data plan.  Even though I have unlimited, they throttle after 15GB.  So now they won’t throttle until after 30GB.  Thank you, Verizon.


I know this might be a little overkill for the Internet but I have several plans.  I have a plan through OTR mobile and so far this has proven to be the best.  This plan accesses the internet through a router called Nighthawk and I feel it is lightning fast.   I also have a plan through TOGO which is reliable but a little slower than OTR.  Then I have my jetpack through Verizon.

We took or usual walk again yesterday.  We had to wait for the pavement to cool down so it didn’t hurt the pup’s feet.  The air was still very hot so Bella was quick to lay on the cool floor once we returned to our 5th Wheel.

We watched some YouTube.  We still watch our favorite YouTubers every day.  Below are some of our favorites.  We have many more but these are the ones we watch regularly.

Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 7.57.27 AM

Bex Cat-herder had an awesome video.  She attempted Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park! This is a trail that goes along a 1,200-foot cliff. People have died here.   She didn’t make the last short trek to the very top because she did run out of energy.  All I kept thinking was she has to go back down.  I’ve watched others on YouTube trek this hike and they are crazy.  If you would like to watch this video, go to Bex Cat-herder’s YouTube Channel.  The title for the video is:

Most Dangerous Hike in America?!?! Angel’s Landing, Zion N.P.

Later in the day, after retiring to the 5th wheel for the rest of the evening, BooBoo wanted to play and Benji was just not in the mood.


BooBoo thought I’ll just bite Benji’s ear.  That will get Benji moving.  That didn’t work either.


Not tonight BooBoo.


After the hubs, Bella and Benji head to the bedroom to watch TV, BooBoo and I relax and watch TV in the garage area.  I’ve made it very comfortable in the garage.  BooBoo was hungry and he let me know it.

IMG_1603 2

Today is going to be another hot one.  This is unusual weather for Jacksonville for March.  We will suffer through it.  It will be another day of running the airconditioning.

Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 7.36.14 AM

Yesterday, I paid our site rent for April.   Our rent includes Water, Sewer, Electric (up to 1,000-kilowatt hours), Wi-Fi, and Cable.  We are paying $805 monthly for this site.  I don’t mind because we really like this park and it is still under our budget for park fees – $900 monthly.

The park staff started a food bank recently.  I cleaned out my pantry and donated some canned food that I kinda thought I would not be using and it was just taking up room on the shelf.

Take Care All and Stay Safe




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