Just Checking In!

Nothing new.  Social Distancing. The weather is hot and the pavement is also hot so we are not walking as much as we normally do.  The pollen is thick and seems to bring out allergies in Benji and Bella.

Jacksonville broke a record today with the heat.  The record before today was 89.  Today, the temps hit 90.  The weather person said this is one of the hottest Marches on record.

We took the pups for a scooter ride and although there was a breeze in the air, the pups thought it was hot.  Bella found a cold spot on the floor when we got home and she was not moving.


Benji and BooBoo have been playing or should I call it roughhousing in the evenings.

The second picture is BooBoo waiting for Benji to come out of hiding to resume their play and Benji is just too tired.

The pups need to be groomed.  BooBoo has gotten too attached to me.  He sits right next to me or on my lap.  When I go outside without him he cries.  When I come back in, he tries to jump into my arms.

They make us laugh.  We need laughter.  Find something that makes you laugh.  Laugh out loud. Take a break from watching the news.  Stay safe people!

God Bless



2 thoughts on “Just Checking In!

  1. kyeming2

    You & Roy stay safe!! My pups don’t know whether to shed or put on more fur with the weather up here. However I did groom them yesterday. We are driving down to Florida to visit Missy,  Gary & Vanessa on April 22nd.  Hopefully this will clear up by then! I know all road side rests are closed to vehicles in Pa. Except semi’s & delivery trucks. Don’t know about other states.  Traveling with 3 dogs might be a problem.  But Randy said we could stop other places to let dogs go potty. ( gas stations,  ect.) We travel straight thru. Sometimes stop at rest stops to catch a couple winks. Might not be able to do that, but maybe find a parking lot or some other place to park & get some rest.We are staying safe here in the middle of the forest.  My immune system is low right now, so I don’t come in contact with anyone. Just got thru with Shingles & now have kidney infection. Boy is Shingles painful!! Had it for 6 weeks!!! So I was isolated before this virus started. Randy got laid off for potentially 2 weeks, maybe more. We will see!! I’m keeping him busy with a Honey Do list! You guys take care & Be safe!! Love you & Sending Much Love to Roy & pups!!Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


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