Scooter Ride Around the Park

Today we took a scooter ride with the pups.  It is a very nice day today.   The high today will be almost 90º with a nice breeze.  We are social distancing on the scooters.  As a matter of fact, when we go on our rides, we don’t see anyone out and about.  This park has a lot of empty sites but there still has to be 600 full sites.  The campers can’t all be working.  But then again, look at us.  The only time we leave our 5th wheel is to walk the pups, go on a scooter ride or at suppertime when I cook on the Blackstone.


Benji comfortably rides on the floor of Hubby’s scooter.  Roy is lucky to get Benji, aka the bad boy and everyone in the RV park knows Benji.  The other day, we were walking the pups.  There were two people riding bicycles that were heading towards us.  They saw Benji and turned their bicycles around and went the other way.  Benji is a bad, bad boy.   Benji is tethered in and he has a doggie bed.


BooBoo rides on the floor of my Scooter.  He is tethered into a puppy carrier.  He loves looking out.

.      IMG_1563

Bella has a shaded, very comfortable area in the basket on the back of my scooter.  I fixed this area for Bella because the other day, although she is tethered in, she had a little lag in her leash and she jumped out.  I could hear her jump out of the scooter so I quickly jumped off and in a second was able to grab her before she got hurt.  Now, there is no lag in her leash and she has mosquito netting all the way around.  She is now secure and I really think she is loving her scooter ride.


Stay Safe All


God Bless



3 thoughts on “Scooter Ride Around the Park

    1. Benji is the bad boy. BooBoo is almost perfect. Benji is the baby and the Alpha dog. Benji is spoiled. Benji is 3 of the following

      How to tell if a dog is Alpha?

      Preference for Height.
      Leash Pulling.
      Resource Guarding.


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