Social Distancing!

Don’t you just love these new terms to describe our lives now?  Social Distancing.  Well, we’ve been social distancing since we started our new life of travel and adventure.  We have three puppies that limit our going to restaurants and being with large groups of people.  I call it grounding.  The pups ground us and we don’t mind.

I did some grocery shopping yesterday.  I did not hoard toilet paper.  I did not even buy toilet paper.  I got some essentials. I think if needed, we could go for a month without grocery shopping.   I did overbuy food for my furbabies.  Gotta take care of the furbabies.

There are a few things we need to do.  Hubby will take the truck to a dealership today.  It has a few recalls and needs an oil change.  We made the appointment last week before all of this social distancing and other regulations came into effect.

Before hubby left, we went over the directions.  I very clearly told him what three roads to take, 295 which he picks up a mile from the RV Resort, then 95N off to the left and then A1A off to the right.  He calls me and tells me he went 95S.

I am subscribed to several forums on FB for Grand Design and Chevy Trucks.  On each of these forums, many people post warnings about buying out of state and getting warranty work,  recall work, and/or maintenance work completed while on the road.  I want everyone to know we are getting maintenance work and recall work done today at Ron Anderson Chevrolet-Buick-GMC.  We stopped in last week to inquire about them doing our work and they were very nice.  We told them we bought the Truck in OH.  They told us to pick the time and date for the work to get done.  We have a courtesy oil change from GMC and 2 recalls that need to be done.  All being done today at Ron Anderson.

fl chevy dealer

Yesterday, I took a scoot around the park on my scooter and saw a memorial.  Apparently, a bird of some type must have gotten hit by a car or some type of accident.  Rest in Peace Pinky.IMG_2727

I’m not up on my birds so I’m not sure what kind of bird Pinky is.  Below is a closeup picture of Pinky.  Does anyone know what kind of bird this is?  Comment below.


Yesterday on my travels around the park on my scooter, I stopped in at the restaurant for an unsweetened glass of Ice Tea.  The Sunrise Cafe, located in the older section of the park has a full menu of food cooked right on-site as you order it.  I socially stayed away from others in the restaurant.  It was around 2 pm and the restaurant was rather empty.


Today, the pups and I are chilling out waiting for hubs to come back from the truck dealership.  BooBoo is my lap dog.  Loves to sit on my lap.  No matter how uncomfortable he might be, he will sit on my lap for as long as I am sitting down.


Sorry that I am not writing fun-filled interesting posts but I am doing my part of Social Distancing.  We are not going to Amelia Island and walking around the town.  We are not going to St Augustine to see the sites.  We are staying put in our RV park.

God Bless

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