Kicking Back and A Scooter Ride

We like Flamingo Lake RV Park.  On the one hand, it’s a big park, around 800 sites.  On the other hand, it is amazingly quiet.

Today I took a scooter ride.  I wanted to check out the pool and the swimming beaches on the lakeside of the park. The pool is not heated is what I hear and I know the lake has to be a bit chilly.  There were a father and his kids in the pool and they said it was cold but after you are in the water for 5 minutes you get used to it.  I asked if they got used to it or were they just numb.

Everyone is so friendly in the park.  As I ride the scooter around the park, everyone waves or says hello.

There is a beautiful motorcoach in the park. It just screams beauty and luxury. As I was riding by on my scooter, the owners were sitting in lawn chairs outside of their coach. They said hello and commented on how cute my scooter was and I replied that I loved their motorcoach. I told them how my husband and I were walking our pups the previous evening and we commented to each other on how we loved their coach. I told them if I didn’t have my 5th wheel, I would have a coach like that. They were very polite and didn’t laugh at me. After I got back to the 5th wheel. I looked it up online and that coach starts at over 2 million dollars.  Newell Coaches.  Look it up.

It was such a nice evening and the weather was perfect.  It was still in the 80s but the humidity was low.  I thought I would stop and enjoy the view of the lake.  I parked in a shaded area near the lake and sat on the swing for a while  The view of the lake was calming.


There are several of these swings along the shores of the lake.

lake 1

I got back on my scooter and continued my ride around the lake.  I had to snap a picture of the ducks in the lake and I believe this crane posed just for the picture.


I highly recommend Flamingo Lake RV Park.  There are two sections of Flamingo Lake Park.  An older section and down the road a short drive is a newer section.  This lake is located in the older section of the park.  If you decide to ever stay here, when making reservations, make sure you are not near the interstate.  There are sites that are very noisy and you can actually see the cars going by on the interstate from the sites.

We are in the new section of the park and although the park store, pool, and big lake are in the old section of the park, we like it over here.

Expect to pay as this park is expensive.  Our standard site is $805 a month with some electricity included.  Luxury lake sites are $1055 a month. 

Most of the sites, in my opinion, are perfect for smaller campers.   We fit but it is tight.  We are able to open our deck.


We have campers to the right of us and campers to the left of us.  I like that we have woods and a fence in the back of us.  There is a HUGE opossum that runs along the fence at night.  He must get plenty to eat.  Just as long as it stays on the fence I’m fine with it.

IMG_1370 2

We are almost halfway through our monthly stay and we are thinking of extending our stay here for an extra week before we head north.  We like it here.



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