Strolling With The Pups!

How do you travel with three fur babies and see all of the sights you want to see?  Especially when you have three puppies and you don’t leave them behind,   You put them in the puppy stroller and you take them with you.

roy pups2

My three pups feel the need to stick their heads out of the netting cover.  Today is the first day we took them for a ride in the puppy stroller since we started our adventure.  We need to get them feeling comfortable riding in the stroller because, during the next few weeks, we are going to explore the area and we are not leaving them behind.

pups 1

So here is the plan.  Daily we will take them for a walk around the RV park.  I estimate that if we walk most of the park, we are probably walking over a mile each time we walk.  We will still take short walks with the pups on their leashes so they get exercise too.

roy pups 1

Yesterday, we strolled around the lake at the RV Resort with the pups.  This is a nice resort and there are several lakes but the lake in the main section of the park is large and beautiful.  The lake has a swim area.  The park offers day passes for non-tenants to come into the park and swim.  lake 1


Next week we want to go to Fernandina Beach and Amelia Island.  Fernandina Beach has a Market Place located on 7th Street in downtown Fernandina Beach.  This area is pet-friendly and often features vendors with pet-friendly treats.

Pets are allowed at Fort Frederica within the following guidelines: Pets must be leashed or in a pet stroller.   Ours will be in their pet stroller. 
Watch for my blog next week.

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