March in Florida & Travel Days

We are ready for a one month stay in Florida.  We split our travel days into three days driving between 4 and 4.5 hour days.  The last three travel days were a little stressful. They are stressful because of traffic, bumpy roads, and crazy drivers.  We have an RVer GPS that is programmed for our length and height.  I also use maps and Waze.  Hubby gets a little annoyed when all three systems are talking to us at the same time.  You never know what is around the corner and that is scary pulling a big rig.

What??  A tunnel!!!  Shit!!!!  I hate tunnels.  We are probably 60 feet long and 13.5 ft high if you count both the truck and 5th wheel.  I didn’t close my eyes going through the tunnel, but I did cringe a little.  IMG_1353

Actually, I have to confess.  I have not driven our big dually truck yet.  I know I can.  It’s big and I just don’t feel like driving it yet.   As a matter of fact, I have not driven anything in 3 months which is more than fine with me.  Hubby and I were laughing yesterday when I told him he was “driving ms Linda”.  When I worked at the bank I traveled a lot, mostly in my vehicle.  It was nothing for me to put 50,000 miles on my vehicle OR MORE each year.

Travel days are a little stressful for us because of our furbabies.  They are such good travelers but I feel It is hard on the pups.  They mostly sleep but I wonder what goes through their little heads.  I think they wonder “why am I in this car for so many hours?” Do they wonder “where are we going?”  Do they wonder “when can I go back to my home (the 5th wheel) and where will my home be this time?”

Hubby is a good driver.  He maneuvers the big rig like a champ.  The parks we go to have tight spaces.  They are not built for big rigs even though they accept big rigs.  Not so much a problem with tight spaces.  The problem is the narrow lanes that don’t give us enough room to get a swing to back into our site.  And I have to admit, I am useless in helping him.  The two times we had difficulty we were lucky to have help from a fellow camper.  Both times the men who helped us were retired truck drivers.  And the pups don’t help matters as they go crazy barking and yelping each time a stranger approaches our truck.  Benji is the worst.  I have to take him out of the truck and hold him so Roy can actually hear what people that are helping us are telling him.  At our current park, Tom, a retired truck driver helped us get into our spot.  He teased hubby saying “couldn’t you find a bigger trailer?”  When he saw our three pups, he teased again.  “Couldn’t you get more pups?”  Go big or go home!

We left Texas on Friday, February 28th.  We drove to Livingston, Louisiana and stayed in a nice park called Lakeside RV Park.  We got a pull-in site that was very flat so we did not unhitch.   Staying hitched up enables us to leave earlier the next day.  Lakeside RV Park worked fine and if we ever get back to Louisiana, I would for sure stay there again.  The only thing I can say negative about Lakeside RV Park is people do not pick up after their animals.  Dog poop was everywhere.  My pups can sniff out another dog’s poop and we have to catch them before they roll in it.  Why is it so hard for some people to pick up after their pets.  It only takes a minute to pick up after your pet.

The next day, Sunday, February 29th we got up early just to do it all over again.  Happy Leap Day.  The park we stayed at was called Sunset King Lake Resort.  I think most of the tenants in this park live there permanently or at least for the 6 coldest months of the year.  It was more like a trailer park.  Sites were close and it appeared that the tenants all knew each other because groups were gathered around campfires, people were playing games on the lanes and kids were everywhere.  This park was in Defuniak Springs, Florida.   No, we would not be back to this RV park.  Our site was an end site across from a church.  A church is something you never see at an RV resort.

Sunday, we make it to our RV Resort in Florida.  Flamingo Lake RV Resort, Jacksonville Florida.  We practically had to sign our life away.  $100 for background checks.  $50 for mine and $50 for hubby.  we signed waivers and had to enter our plate tag numbers.  There are two sections to this park and we are in the newly built section.  We are not right on the lake but we can open our patio and there are woods behind us.  A neighbor warned me of the critters that jump the fence.  This should be interesting.


People in this park love lights at night.  We will fit in fine.  Today, I will put out my solar lanterns and decorative lights.  I’m excited.

Most of the resorts we stay at are built around a lake or two or three or more on-premise.  And almost RV park is near a train track.  And we always hear big planes flying over.  Is this the criteria for building an RV park?  We’ve been lucky.  Out of the 13 RV parks we’ve been to, including the one we are at now, there are only 2 we would not ever return to.

Stay tuned, more to come.  Today, we get our scooters out of the garage.  Yay, more room.  More pictures to come.




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