We Love Our Deck!

There are several reasons we love our back deck.  We have the glass three-season doors that let in a lot of natural light.  All four glass panels of the doors can be lowered.  Each door has a screen.  On nice days we lower the glass windows to get a nice breeze coming in through the doors.  On chilly days, we shut the windows and it stays cozy in the garage but still letting in the light.  The windows are tinted which helps on very sunny days to filter the light coming in.


The park we are staying at now has a nice well kept lake in the middle.  Our deck opens to the view of this lake which is only a stone throw away.


On clear evenings, we have the view of an awesome sunset.  Many an evening we sat on our deck watching the sunset over the park.


Later today, the hubby will sit on this deck and watch the TV that is mounted on the wall in the garage.  The Nascar race is on TV today.  I started watching a Netflix series last night and have to admit, I’ve been binge-watching a new program I found.  I will retire to the bedroom while the race is on and relax on the bed and hopefully finish watching this series.  The show is called “The Stranger”.  I’m sure the pups will take turns sitting on the bed with me and then running out to the deck to pester the hubby.


The pups love to go out on the deck to get some fresh air.

We have all of the comforts of our sticks and bricks home all squeezed into a 400 square foot luxury tin can.  We have heat when it is cold.  We have air conditioning when it is hot.  We have a fake fireplace for ambiance and it actually can be set to give off heat.  We have two bathrooms.  I can shower with hot water for as long as I did in the sticks and bricks.  We have four televisions.  I have a great WIFI system that works the same way as it did in the sticks and bricks home.  I love my stackable washer and dryer.  We have enough storage space.  The bedroom closet is big and the pantry in the kitchen has room for everything I need.

The garage holds our scooters.  The idea for our scooters is when we arrive at a park, we take them out and cover them so we can use the garage for living space.  Well, that has not happened yet.


So far, we are happy campers.




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