Not Nice Montrose!

If you’ve been following my posts, you will know we originally ordered our dream truck from Montrose GMC in Hermitage last year in July.   We were told 2 months to build the truck and we would have it in October.  Because of the GM workers going on strike, our truck would be delayed and will not go to the assembly line until sometime in 2020,  We had to cancel our order and get our deposit back.  We also had to scramble to buy a truck as we only had a week or so before we needed to leave PA.  We had a reservation in Florida on December 1.

I guess Montrose didn’t cancel our order and the truck finally came in.  

The sales rep sent us the following email.  Seriously???  



I personally feel this email was hurtful by asking us if we know anyone that could use a really nice truck.  I’m sure the sales rep didn’t know how much not getting the truck of our dreams affected both of us.  I’m sure he didn’t know how this truck fit into the dream we’ve had for 15 years.   I’m sure the sales rep didn’t totally understand we are still affected by it each time we get into our replacement truck.  Maybe to him, it was just a truck.

We could not wait for GMC to build our dream truck in 2020.  I’m sure our sales rep didn’t know that I spent hours and hours researching an RV park in Florida where we could spend the month of December.  I’m sure the sales rep didn’t know we paid almost $1,000 in advance for this site.  I’m sure the sales rep didn’t know that we didn’t have a place to live if we did wait for the truck we ordered to be built in 2020

My hubby researched this 2020 GMC truck for a year before we ordered it and both of us really wanted this truck.  We were put through pure hell because of the GMC strike.  We were strung along up until the last minute where we had to scramble to buy a truck to pull our big 5th wheel.  We had sleepless nights.  We had to be in Florida on December 1st.  We had to be out of our home by November 23rd.

Because of the GMC strike, we did NOT get the truck we wanted.  We had to settle.  We found a dealer in Ohio that found us a truck.  There were only 11 trucks that fit our needs on the east side of the Mississippi.  We wanted black but would settle for blue or white.  Each time our new sales rep called us to tell us he found a truck and we gave him the “go ahead” he would call us back and say there was already a deposit on it.  He would keep looking.  Finally, he found a white truck and we said yes.  He would send someone  400 miles away to get it.  It would be at his dealership the next day.

The truck we bought to replace our dream truck did not have half the bells and whistles of the truck we ordered from GMC.  Our only choice was to “settle” for a replacement truck.  We didn’t get the color we wanted.  We didn’t get the 10 speed Allison Transmission we wanted.  We didn’t get the sunroof we wanted.  We didn’t get the camera system we wanted.  We didn’t get the tailgate we wanted.  We didn’t get the DEF tank we wanted.  There are too many options to list that we didn’t get.  Most important, because we only had a week to find a truck, we didn’t get the deal we wanted.

This morning when I saw the email from David at Montrose, I replied telling him we would be back home in PA in April.  If the truck is still available, we would like to see if they can deal with us.  Reading his email this morning brought back all of the sadness and pain we felt when we had to cancel our order.  I’m sure David didn’t know this.  He was just letting us know our dream truck was at his dealership.



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