The Wind is Driving Me BONKERS!

The wind has been blowing for probably 24 hours already here in Texas and it is driving me bonkers.  I don’t like it.  During the night, there was a gust of wind that probably lasted a few minutes followed by heavy rain and maybe hail hitting the roof of the bedroom that abruptly woke me from my peaceful sleep.

We have these toppers on our Slide-outs.  These toppers are flapping in the wind and the noise of the toppers flapping is what is bothering me.  It’s hard to explain the sound of the wind on the toppers but I can only describe it as an uncomfortably loud constant rumble.  I’m hoping the toppers are not being torn to shreds.  Won’t know until we go outside today and check them out.  I’m not feeling a lot of constant movement inside of the 5th wheel.  Every once in a while when a severe gust of wind happens do I feel a shaking movement of the 5th wheel.

The pups must be used to the noise already.  Only when an unusually loud rumbling noise happens do they lift their head and look at me.  I assure them it is okay and they will be alright.  They trust me so they lay back down and drift back off to a restful sleep.

We are in Texas and it snowed in Austin, Texas last night.  I guess just flurries.  We are in Dickinson.  Things are looking up for the next week or so.


I still wake up early each morning.  As I look out of my window early this morning, the RV Park is eerily quiet.  I wonder what everyone else in the RV Park is thinking about the wind.  Are the smaller RVs rocking and rolling in the wind.  Are these people accustomed to this type of weather?  Are these people laying in their bed wondering when the wind will stop?

On May 31, 1985, I survived a category F5 tornado.  The wind in that tornado was clocked at over 300 miles per hour.  Although I never had any type of PTSD or traumatic effects from the tornado, I do not like wind.

So, until the wind stops, hopefully, sometime today, I will sit here inside my tin can and hope for calm.




3 thoughts on “The Wind is Driving Me BONKERS!

  1. Hi – I hope your RV made it through without any damage! How did your slide toppers hold up? We’ve been wondering if they are worth it. Most people seem to really like them, except when the wind blows.

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