Update… We’re good. Not getting kicked out.

In a previous post, I wrote about the RV Park we are staying at having a 2 pet rule.  And as everyone who follows my blog knows, we have three wonderful pups.  I talked to the managers of the park this morning and she said we were fine.  The rule was made after we made our reservation so it does not apply to us.

Praise the Lord.   I did not want to have to move.   We are enjoying our time here.  Today is the first day we’ve been able to enjoy our deck.


Even Bella is enjoying our deck.  She is intrigued by a blackbird.  Amazingly, she did not bark at it.


Got some good pictures of birds in flight!

The pups love taking their walkie around the RV park.  If we walk around the park, we will have walked a half-mile.  We walk the park at least twice a day so we are at least walking a mile each day.



One thought on “Update… We’re good. Not getting kicked out.

  1. Glad you are able to stay! As a work kamper for a couple of seasons (and will begin soon again), I find different campground rules interesting ~particularly the stories of WHY they made that rule or “set” an exact number. If you’re ever in the Branson, Missouri area let us know!

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