Marina Bay Lake Cove RV Resort. What??? 2 pets per site? I don’t think so!

We pulled into the Marina Bay Lake Cove RV Resort yesterday on February 1.  The sites are very close together and it took a few tries to back into our site but once we were in and dropped the deck, boy what a view.


Neighbors are super close.  Heck, they are so close we can probably hear them flush their toilets.


Yes, we put that rut in the grass (see pic below).  But as we walk around the park, we see numerous places where the ruts were fixed.  Hopefully, they come and fix ours tomorrow.


Can you believe it?  A rose in February.


Who is that doggie in the window?  My Benji boy looking to see where his human momma went to.


Today is Super Bowl Sunday so we are relaxing and waiting for the game to come on.  Tomorrow is another day and we can get things done tomorrow.  We need to take the scooters out.  We bought outdoor carpets for the deck.  We need to put the carpets down.  We need to take our chairs out of our storage compartment and put them on the deck.  Tomorrow is another day.  The weather today is “wonderful”.   We have the windows down in the three-season doors that lead from the garage to the deck and there is a nice breeze coming through the 5th wheel.

When we reserved this spot back in July 2019, I could not see the park rules on their website.  I sent them an email using their contact form.  I disclosed we have three small pups.  They replied in an email they have a space for us and allowed us to reserve.  When we checked in, I was given a contract to initial and sign.  The contract stated 2 dogs permitted per site.  I am not going to initial that line item.  I made a copy of my email and their reply and attached it to the contract.  I will keep you posted on what they say.


form for marina bay

We reserved for the month of February.  Hope all goes well.  Stay tuned to find out if we can stay or if they make us leave.


GB (GodBless)


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