Travel Day and Where Did January Go.

Today is February 1st and guess where we are?


The BIG Star should give it away.

Today was a travel day.  The pups did fantastically.  They are getting used to travel days.  Today we were in the truck for around five hours.  Three and a half hours driving time with a few stops.

Travel days are hard on all of us.  Even though we keep our driving time down to under 4 hours a day, it is still quite stressful.  We are finding the roads are horrible everywhere.  Today, I had my phone in my hands on my lap.  We were on an interstate road that was so bumpy you would have thought we were driving down a railroad track.  My finger must have been bouncing on my phone screen because I didn’t even know it but I “called” and “texted” my brother-in-law.

Travel days consist of securing everything on the inside of the 5th wheel.  I have a checklist to follow to make sure we don’t miss anything. We make sure everything is secure.  All blinds need to be raised.  All doors need to be closed and secured.  Anything that moves needs to be placed on the bed or bungee corded.  The slides need to be pulled in.  Then we have all of the outside tasks.  Empty the tanks.  Unhook water, sewer, cable, electric.  Hitch up the 5th wheel to the truck.  The pups need to sit in the truck for most of this work.

Then we are off.  When we get to our new destination, we have to now do everything listed above, only in reverse.

We are exhausted at the end of a travel day and all we want to do is rest and go to bed early.

Tomorrow will be another day.  Our new site at our RV park in Dickinson, Texas is nice.  Our view out of the back of our RV is a very nice lake.  More pictures to come tomorrow.




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