What to do on a rainy day! Watch YouTube Videos.

TODAY IS RAINING.  And it looks like it is going to be a windy, cold, and dreary day.  We are going to stay in and watch YouTube.  We have our favorite RV YouTuber channels.  What we will watch today and the order in which we will watch them are listed below.  We watch YouTube almost every day so if I don’t watch someone today and list it below, it is not because I don’t like them.  It’s because they don’t have a new video out.  One of our absolute favorite channels is Changing Lanes with Chad and Tara.  they put out a new video every 10 days.


One channel that is among our favorites is Embracing Detours. The video we are watching today is about Yosemite National Park – RV Living.  Bri and TJ do a fantastic job with their videos.


I guess everyone loves this channel. We like it but not love.  These people have had the worst luck and we learned from their mistakes and believe me, they make mistakes.  Not sure if they just want to make money on YouTube and exaggerate everything to the max or do they just have bad luck.  Today’s video we watched is about Thousand Trails.


Ausia aka Panda travels with what they call “the tribe”.  It is a group of pretty much gypsies boondocking all over.   Don’t ask me how I got to watch this channel but we always wonder what Panda is doing.  Panda recently bought a Can-AM ATV.  Their lifestyle is by no means anything I would ever want to live by.  Today’s video shows the tribe riding their ATV’s and partying in the night.  It looks like they are all on psychedelics.

What is clickbait?  They title their video in a way to make you want to watch their video.  Something that catches your eye.


Teri and Scotty are part of the tribe with Panda Monium.  Teri is learning how to drive Panda’s ATV.  This video was very short.

We are taking a break from YouTube videos and taking the furbabies out for a walk.  Everything is still pretty wet after raining all night.  


We are back from our walk.  More YouTube videos.



Mark and Sue do a great job with their videos.  Mark is so funny.  In the video I am watching today, Mark and Sue are at the Tampa RV Show.  They have a Newmar Class A.  Their video revolves around the Newmar area at the Tampa RV Show.

  • Traveling Robert

I’ve been watching Robert for a long time.  The video I’m watching today is about the Tuolumne Meadows and the Road to Lake Tahoe.  Robert travels in a 2015 Winnebago Micro Minnie.  Robert got a flat tire and had not monitored his RV batteries so he woke up to low batteries.  Glad his refrigerator was still able to keep working although his batteries were low.

  • Nomadic Fanatic

Eric and his cat sidekick, Jax travel the United States.  Today’s video highlights product reviews about a Byrna self-defense non-lethal device and a Vanyko 1080p Projector.  I like product reviews.  Eric boondocks a lot but he visits popular places that are interesting to watch.




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