The Best Little Travelers, BooBoo, Bella, and Benji!

I never doubted for one moment that BooBoo, Bella, and Benji would travel so well.  I’m not one bit shocked.

They love their new home in the 5th wheel.  Yes, they’ve taken over the couch.


No room for me on the couch.  Not until around 7 pm when they all retire to the bedroom do I get the living area, the couch, and TV all to myself

IMG_0481 2

They absolutely own the place.  This is their home.  They are content here.

They’ve taken over the bed.  Yep, you betcha they sleep with us.  I would not have it any other way.  Five of us in a King size bed.  A place for everyone and everyone in their place.  BooBoo’s place is on a pillow above my head.  Benji cuddles under the covers next to me and Bella snuggles up next to hubby.

IMG_0532 3

They ride in the truck like troopers.  Either they are sleeping or just looking out the window.  We never hear a peep out of them until we stop.


Only when we are stopped, will Benji bark at anything that moves.  Benji, No Bark.  Benji, No Bark.  Jeez, Benji, for the love of God, stop barking can be heard coming from my mouth.


This little girl is perfect.  Never a peep from her.  She does not sleep a lot.  She will sit there and stare out the window for hours.


BooBoo is mostly good.  He has been experiencing anxiety lately.  But that only will last for 15 to 20 minutes before he realizes he is going to be in the truck for the long haul and he better settle down and get comfortable.  And yes, because he is spoiled he gets to be tethered upfront with us.


They love their walkies.  They immediately know they are going for a walkie when I pull out their harnesses.  They go crazy.   So many new smells outside.  And so many new animals to look at.  Benji would pee on every tree if I let him.  A squirt here and a squirt there.

IMG_0801 2

Again, because the “barker” Benji loves to bark, there are times we have to carry him.

IMG_0498 2

Mostly they are good and well behaved on their walks.


This is something new to them.  Something they didn’t see in Pennsylvania.

They experienced the freedom of a dog park the other day.  Benji can stretch out after doing his number 1 business.

So far, BooBoo, Bella, and Benji have stayed in 10 different RV parks.

  1.  Flatwoods KOA.  (Nov 23 – Nov 24) . (This was the first RV park in our new 5th Wheel)
  2. Mayberry Campground (Nov 24 – Nov 28)  (This is the second RV park we’ve stayed at)
  3. New Green Acres.  (Nov 28 – Nov 30) (This was the noisiest Park we stayed at)
  4. Coastal Georgia RV Resort,  (Nov 30 – Dec 1)  (Fancy and a lot of rules)
  5. Wekiva Falls.  (Dec 1 – Jan 15)  (This is our long term go to RV park – already reserved for next year)
  6. Creekfire RV Resort.  (Jan 15 – Jan 16)   (Had a restaurant on site)
  7. Georgia RV Park.  (Jan 21 – Jan 22)   (This is the dumpiest Park we ever stayed at)
  8. The Woods RV Park.   (Jan 22 – Jan 24)  (This is a good overnight time to rest up RV Park)
  9. Gulf Beach RV Resort.  (Jan 24 – Jan 27)   (This was the most expensive)
  10. Cajun Gulf RV Resort.  (Jan 27 – Feb 1)  (This is the nicest park we’ve stayed at)

We also spent five nights at Jennifer and Jim’s house  (Jan 16 – Jan 21)



5 thoughts on “The Best Little Travelers, BooBoo, Bella, and Benji!

  1. kyeming2

    My 2 chows travel well! However my American bully likes to chase cars while riding in my car. So he runs from front to back. Trying to get him use to the car cuz we will be traveling to Florida in a few months & he will drive Randy crazy if he continues to do this. He didn’t travel much before I got him. He’s  5, so I’m trying to teach an old dog new tricks! He’s good otherwise!! He has learned many New things & is very smart! Hopefully he will learn to travel well! So glad your babies have adjusted well! My dogs like confined areas. Your babies may love the smaller home!  I know you are like me, & you want your babies to be comfortable!! They look like the sweetest little babies! Enjoy your dream & travel safe! Love ya!Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

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