Another Wonderful Sunset! This is what I”m talking about!

In all of the years  I’ve been dreaming about this lifestyle of traveling, one of my dreams is to see sunrises, sunsets, and beautiful skies all over the United States and guess what?  Here it is and what is even better, it’s free.


Sunset tonight (January 25) was at 5:25 pm and we caught it perfectly.


We are enjoying our time here in Biloxi.  It’s a little chilly but it is chilly everywhere.


When it gets dark so soon in the day, I feel like I am missing out on a good part of the day.


As we walked back to our RV resort, we walked along the beach.  Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed on the beach.  To tell you the truth, I would not take the pups on the beach.  Can you imagine the sand that they would carry back to the 5th wheel?


The beach and gulf make a great background for a selfie.  As nice as it is to be at the beach, it is best viewed through the windows of our 5th wheel as it is chilly out.  No bathing suit, no lounge chairs sitting under a beach umbrella drinking a frozen cocktail.  That would have to wait for warmer weather.


Tomorrow, the weather forecast is calling for rain.  Monday we are heading to our next destination.  Are we enjoying our adventure?  The picture above says it all.



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