It’s cold! We’re in Commerce Georgia

There is a cold snap in the south.  We stayed at Georgia RV Park last night.


This park is the least desirable park we have stayed at since we began your journey and it was still a little pricy at $40 a night for full hook-ups.  Our site is 60 feet long and we JUST fit.  And it is cold.  It is very cold when you have to be outside hooking up.



As we pulled into Georgia RV Park, we immediately thought Uh oh.  It’s an old park and you could tell right away that maybe 90% of the RVs in this park live here year-round.  There was no 10-year rule in this park.  Junk and tarps laying around everywhere.   Air conditioners taped in windows.



Our site sign was laying on the ground.  We picked it up and leaned it against our electric box.


Internet signal was weak but I did get about 3 bars on my Verizon Jet Pack.  Our AT&T OTR Mobile didn’t get a signal.  This is why I’m glad I have both AT&T and Verizon.  CORRECTION:  OTR MOBILE DOES WORK.  FOR SOME REASON I LOST THE SIGNAL AND OTR HAD TO RESET IT.  GREAT SIGNAL FOR AT&T AND GOOD SIGNAL FOR VERIZON.

All in all, we had a good night’s sleep.  As soon as hubby and pups wake up, we will hit the road, destination Montgomery Alabama.

Soon, we were “ON THE ROAD AGAIN”.




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