We are Moochdocking!

A favorite form of free camping is called moochdocking, aka camping on the property of friends and family. Since we are full-time RVers, we don’t just bring all the comforts of home when we visit, we bring our home.

Jim and Jennifer were gracious enough to be our hosts at their home in North Carolina.  We had a dual purpose for being here.  Visiting family and as you read in previous posts, Jennifer is going to store our GoldWing for us.  Unfortunately, we were not easily able to get the GoldWing/Sidecar in and out of our 5th wheel garage so we had to find storage for it and Jennifer has a perfect place for us to store it.

Our parking space is a stone throw away from their house.  Hookup to Electric and water was close and easy.  Jim and Jennifer, along with a few others guided us into their drive and into our spot.

Wow is it cold here in NC.  After being in Florida for 6 weeks with 80-degree weather, it takes some getting used to the20s, the 30s, and 40s.

Screen Shot 2020-01-18 at 7.42.39 AM

Hubby’s son, Jason and our two granddaughters are coming from the Raleigh area to visit us on Sunday.  Glad Sunday will be a sunny, warmer day.  Notice, I said “warmer”.

Not only are we parked on a beautiful piece of property, but Jennifer also is a hairdresser and I got cut and color.  Hubby got his hair cut too.  I wanted to go shorter and I think I now have the perfect length and color.


Jim and Jennifer have animals on their property.  They have 3 horses, 2 goats, 2 cows, and a pig.  The property is absolutely beautiful with a pond and a huge barn.  This is another all-new experience for BooBoo, Bella, and Benji, seeing up close big animals.

We were going to leave here on Monday  We’re now thinking maybe Tuesday.  That is the nice thing about being free and living in a home on wheels.  If we didn’t make reservations, we can do as we please.  Stay as long as we want.  Drive as far in a day as we want.  Go where we want.





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