Golf Cart? I don’t think so! BUT???

Everyone said, “Get a golf cart”!  Nope!!  We have a better solution for us.

We got mobility scooters.  My opinion!!! They are not just for the elderly or disabled.    One for me and one for Hubby.  These go 15 miles per hour.  They have wheelie bars on the back.  I sure hope hubby doesn’t feel the need for speed.  Varoom!


Hubby looks good on his scooter.  We can have scooter races.  Beep, Beep, here we come.


When we first started looking at these scooters we saw ones that folded and they went four miles per hour.  Hubby really wanted those.  I said absolutely not.  I can walk faster than four miles per hour.  But they folded and we could put them in small places in the 5th wheel.  They were only something like 40 lbs each without the battery.  When we found that we had to give up on the GoldWing with the sidecar, I found “Ewheels”.

You may ask what will we do with BooBoo, Bella, and Benji.  We have a RED puppy stroller that accommodates three small puppies.   We can easily remove the front wheel of the stroller as it is meant to either be pushed like a stroller or pulled by a bicycle.  We can attach it to the back of the scooter and our pups will ride in the stroller behind one of us.

Most of the RV parks we have stayed at are large and although we like to take the pups on walks, it will be equally fun to ride the scooter around the park.  The last park was so large we never saw the whole park.  The pups would poop out if the walk was super long.

More to come so stay tuned to my blog.  If you have not already done so, enter your email and click follow.  You will be notified each time I publish a post.



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