It’s Out! Relief!

And then BooBoo marked his new territory,  UGH... Thanks to Jennifer, Jim and everyone that helped us get the GoldWing/Sidecar out of the 5th wheel garage.  It took a crew.  We are very grateful!  

Avoiding Stress

Since my retirement, I've been doing everything possible to avoid stress.  Right now, I am in the back bedroom of the 5th wheel avoiding stress. I'm also in the back bedroom with the door shut to keep the puppies quiet and settled down. Why you may ask?  Why are you avoiding stress? As I am …

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Golf Cart? I don’t think so! BUT???

Everyone said, "Get a golf cart"!  Nope!!  We have a better solution for us. We got mobility scooters.  My opinion!!! They are not just for the elderly or disabled.    One for me and one for Hubby.  These go 15 miles per hour.  They have wheelie bars on the back.  I sure hope hubby doesn't …

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