Great Little Travelers

I never imagined that BooBoo, Bella, and Benji would travel so well.  I never thought they would adjust so well living in so many different places in the past year.  I always felt as long as they were with us they would be fine but they are better than just fine.  They are travelers.

If you are new to my blog, meet my furbabies.  If you’ve been following my blog, read on.

BooBoo is a mama’s boy.  He isn’t content unless he is either on my lap or right next to me.  He does everything on his terms.  He eats when he feels like eating.  Not when I tell him to eat.  I put is food up on the counter and tell him it is his food.  When he is hungry, he will bark for it.  I will then put it down and he will eat.  BooBoo loves his walks and he walks like he is proud of himself. He struts steps ahead of me, confident that I am only a few steps behind.   He is my little man.

Bella is all girl and she is the best behaved.  She is perfect.  She is a  little princess.  She is daddy’s little girl but when she wants something, I am her go-to.  She will come to me and bark and poke me with her little paws letting me know she either is hungry or she has to potty.  She loves squirrels.  Or should I say, she would love to catch a squirrel?  Don’t know what she would do with it.


Benji.  Just look at that face and you will know what I am about to say about Benji.  He is Mr. Personality and he can be a terror.  He loves to cuddle, but on his terms.  He is jealous of BooBoo and blames everything on poor BooBoo.  BooBoo will stare at Benji just to irritate him.  There is a side to Benji that is not nice.  He will growl and snap.  If you hear the growl, that is a warning sign to get away because the timebomb is going to go off.  He barks and lunges at people and cars when we are taking a walk.  But he is the most lovable, cute puppy ever.  Just look at that face.

In 2019, they lived in a big house where they had an upstairs and downstairs.  They had a doggie door that led to a screened-in porch.  The first move was very temporary, as a matter of fact, it was only for 11 days.  It was a 34 ft rented camper.  After the 11 days in a camper, they moved into the 3 bedroom trailer.  From there, they moved into the 5th wheel RV.  They never skipped a beat.  I was worried about how they would ride in the big truck, but they do fine.  BooBoo fusses for a while then he settles down.  They’ve traveled through seven states and stayed in 5 different RV parks.  They love their walks.  As long as they are with us, they are totally fine.




2 thoughts on “Great Little Travelers

  1. Chelsea

    I still can’t believe you and Roy started out by getting BooBoo only and now you have 3! I was scared you were never going to stop coming home with puppies!!


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